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Come spend some time with me! I'm performing right now!

with / @CaseyAnneMoon (same name everywhere!)
@realstreamate | @Spank_Live | @skyprivate | @adultfriendfind

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Go vote for the image you want to see me use on ! Don't use Twitter? Drop me a message or email me ( CaseyAMoon@PM.ME) with the letter designating the image you want me to use!

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A kink-aware, taboo-friendly pleasure service provider armed with a strong desire to please! Pleasure Service Provider?!? I'm currently working as a cam model, escort, and pro-domme. If you want to know more about who CaseyAnneMoon is then visit my official website -! Want to spoil me from my wishlist?

Adult Theater, Gerontophilia, Incest, Public, Taboo 

“Cry Uncle”

A recount of a recent taboo experience in an adult theater.

So who's actually into the holidays this year and who's like,"Eh, just another day in another year"?

Updated modeling portfolio images are now live on my official website - free to view! Click the "Portfolio" circle on the front page!

The is live (and exclusively) on the my official website! PG / R-Rated content is split up but is currently free to view. Please ignore the ongoing site construction!

I almost bought a @logitech , , or a . Then we figured out how to via with my and a phone app using usb! 1080P @ 120 FPS? @ 30 FPS? . Instead, I'm going to invest in an external mic and a !

I've finally got some time to do some ! I'll be here until 9 PM CST so come get some time in with me.

finished today - expect content soon! Until then how about a little to tide you over!

From a December 2018 being run through my content process... I think it turned out really nice!
Credit: @DamienDraevon

I know this is a silly question but given the amount of contacts I've had since I started - are there out there that know the difference between an and a ?

For those that don't know - an escort doesn't sell they sell .

For fuck's sake I've got a lot of links and more to add over time! Added bonuses of : closing all my browser tabs and using this as a clickable directory every day; removing tons of links from sites and using just one (plus my official website link) everywhere.

Thanks to @skyxwallace I stumbled upon - it's fantastic. All your links in one place and you can them (Identification Verification Required)! If you're wanting to use it feel free to use her or my referral link if you'd like. Hers:

Experimenting with on my - not loving . I want to have ads that support quality content, support as as a whole including other , but not feed the machine of the sites that take 50-70% of earnings. Suggestions?

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