Turns out the mention of soup is a turn off for me, and this is a thing I did not know until today. 😅

Only 24 hours left to get 40% off my new VIP page! 🎉 It already has 70 posts, hundreds of pics, DAILY NUDES, and a dirty vid in your DMs as soon as you subscribe! 🙊💦

Me: I think I made some quality content today!

My content:

Oh no am I making girl porn? 😭 Please buy it even if you're a man and don't care about butterflies on my tits. 😅

Subnautica crashed... So I sent nudes. Check your Onlyfans! 🙊💦

I took nudes but I'm too tipsy to send them out so I'm playing Subnautica instead.

I am tired and tipsy. 🙈 Prolly gonna start sending out nudes soon...

Behind the scenes this is what it's like when I'm trying to remember my lines on longer vids😅

In the pit of my stomach I can't help worrying it's gonna lead to something worse, but I'm very emotional happy tears at the thought of Pornhub actually verifying uploaders to stop revenge and child porn. I never thought that would happen.

Who's the dumb slut who just filmed a 30min custom without hitting record?

The dumb slut is me. 😭

Hello! I'm CalliRose! 💕 Wanna play? 🙊💦

Join my FREE Onlyfans daily fun🙈: onlyfans.com/callirosexo

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I did my first audio custom this week and it was so much fun! I didn't even think of offering them before, but I am now. They are $20 for 5 min (only) this week but will go up soon. If you want one hmu on Onlyfans or Manyvids! Xx

Ok I know I've said this before but I'm saying it again - @clips4sale@twitter.com support is so wonderful!

I had 4 duplicate purchases today from the same customer so I asked them if it's possible to refund the duplicates, and they responded helpfully in LITERALLY under a minute. 🎉

I love how every guy who asks me if I'm a "real gamergirl" turns out to not own a single console or gaming computer, but played CoD one time at a mates place.

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