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Fyi, these are all crossposts from my twitter, I almost never post here or even remember to check notifications

Listening to live now and am very much looking forward to when I can next properly howl along to A Promise to the Moon

Reminder that I offer meet ups

Next available this Saturday, December 12th

Portland, OR

In love with all my new pics from

Look at them!!

My instacart delivery person stealing one or two things from my order is nothing new but why did they leave me a single serve cashewmilk yogurt???

There was no yogurt of any kind in my order, it's so completely out of place

Y'all when OnlyFans flat out says their TOS are because of UK obscenity laws you can't just jump to another platform to post that law breaking content

Yeah the laws are stupid as fuck but it's not OnlyFans fault, so switching to JFF or AVN will not save you

I am available in Portland to pre-book for my birthday week!

To contact me, visit

Be one of my final clients of the year!

Only seeing one person every two weeks to reduce my COVID risk, meaning I'm only seeing 4 more people before 2021 😳🀯

I am available now in Portland, Oregon, United States! To contact me, visit

Oh for anyone who's been following me for a while who I've accidentally mildly gaslit, yes my birthday was Nov 9th last year and it's now Nov 8th, it's a work birthday, neither is the real date

(Don't worry I am actually a scorpio lol)

My OF subs have been spoiling me so much this week πŸ₯Ί

Everyone should support on Patreon just for the adorable Rhubarb pics

Wand toppers acquired!!

Anyone wanna reimburse me for them? πŸ₯Ί

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