Already got 50 tokwns towards my goal tomorrow, any offline tips go towards it, 945 tooens to go

Regarding our recent outage. You can find an official statement below. The last documented time Cloudflare terminated services was when they terminated the account of a white supremacist website last year. We are waiting on answers.

Also planning on making an appearance on MFC tomorrow morning around 6 or 7AM PST

I got a new toy I want to try out if we can reach goal!

Got to see Suicide Girls on Friday night and it was so much fun!! Got tickets through MFC

Had an amazing anniversary date at the coast and a seafood dinner.

If you are buying clips from My store or ANY artist's store, please use their promotional link if they are using one! Increases their percentage from 60 to 75! I appreciate all sales but most have still been 60.


Logged off for a little while. I'll be back a little later, boys!

Uploading some exclusive content to my only fans tonight. Especially since it’s been a while 😉 ...


Morning! I'll be on and a little later. Hope you are all hot enough!

BREAKING NEWS: biking to uni every day gives you a Nice Ass 😏👌

New rule, if a man has no pictures of himself anywhere and tries to say you're only "meh", he is automatically Nasty and trying to hide something 🤷‍♀️🙄

I was able to order my vacuum and some cute Hufflepuff socks!! and all the bills are paid and up to date and I feel great about that!

Repeal/stop FOSTA NOW!

Follow the link:

It takes 2 minutes (or less) and can make a HUGE difference. There are more people on this site than there are signatures needed.

Repeal FOSTA or STOP the singing of FOSTA immediately, the internet NEEDS to be open.

Even the nudes I posted pretty much got ignored so yeah why am I bothering here?

So I think until Twitter kicks us off I'm gonna lay low here. It's not worth my time to tweet twice when no one here interacts or cares. It's like being on Chaturbate ROFL.

But yeah just not worth my time you be here right now..I've gained 0 new REAL fans and no one talks at all


RT 👄

Good night y'all! See tomorrow with hopefully more success on the Amazon gc goal as we can achieve it $5 at a time making it easy

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