Loving San Juan so far. I'd love a big cock stuffed in my pussy though. Care to help?

It's my birthday 🥳
$bunnyvicious (cashapp)
@ bunny-vicious (venmo)
1viciousbunny@gmail.com (PayPal)

Had a fantastic session with a gentleman just moments ago. You could be next 😉 hmu @ 1viciousbunny@protonmail.com I'm

Available NOW in rainy Baltimore 😘
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Any Rocky Horror fans in the house? How about Rocky Horror in a sex dungeon with open play post show?


So listen... mama is short on funds right now so she looking for dicks to suck. Real talk. Who's available and in the DMV? Hmu @ 413-VICIOUS for a quicker response 😘

I'm leaving
On a jet plane ✈
** Travel Dates **

Aug 13-15 2021

Aug 27-29 2021

Sept 24-26 2021

Dec 2-7 2021

1viciousbunny@protonmail.com to book me for

Last call! Who wants me to back that up on em in and this weekend? Inbox or email me @ 1viciousbunny@protonmail.com

Here's what I'm serving:


Text Only... 413-VICIOUS or use the email above. 😘


He even gave his son my contact info should anything happen to him, medically. After everything I expressed about being uncomfortable with his actions. I'm no fuckin Julia Roberts. I don't need saving, I just want my bills paid lol

It was a nice 5 months. Wish it could be longer but oh well. I'm not down with NatGeo wildness.

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then he was all, "just don't break my dad's heart" and this gem, "don't worry I have headphones" LAWD WHHYYYYY Jesus.

So client gets back. I tell him I'm uncomfortable with his son. Next time he must get a hotel. At some point during our conversation he says he'll never stop trying for a relationship with me. I'm sure he was trying to be romantic, but irl it's his ego disrespecting my standards. That shit'll never work with me.

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Even worse, when I arrived at my appointment client wasn't even there- I'm sure by design cause he's always home. His son answered the door and starts grilling me 😫🤦🏿‍♀️ straight up asked me, "you aren't asking my dad for money or anything like that right?" I was so tempted to be like, "no he gives it willingly per our service agreement." But I just said no cause it's not his business. Unless he tryna hire me too. 😏

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I just had to end it with a client for wanting to make me his IRL gf. His son came home from school & he didn't get a hotel. I asked if we should reschedule or change our activities for the day. His response: my son is an adult. 😳 Sir. For real? So not the point.

What we have learned this week: If a provider posts a private delights link and you go there and there are no listings posted then they are most likely a
Anyone who is actively posting on switter will have an active listing. Also check the country code at the top of the page> It can only be done from a laptop.
If they are meeting you in California and posting from Gabon then you will likely never meet. 🙂 ✌

I'll be in Miami 3/30 - 4/6 and am accepting bookings for bondage and foot modeling, outcall GFE, dinner dates, and more. Email me at 1viciousbunny@protonmail.com if you'll be in the area and wanna meet 😊

I've been asked to review a toy and was given these options. Which one would you like to see me use?

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