Idk if it's the time of year or what, but all I seem to want to do lately is read read read read read! Don't get me wrong, I always love a good book, but the last few weeks I've been slamming through them! Since 11/1 I've finished 'Salem's Lot, Different Seasons, Cujo, Needful Things, and Tommyknockers for a total of 3300 pages :)

I just overheard my waiter say "What a well organized little thing!" to another waiter and I think its one of my favorite compliments ever :)

Seriously considering hiring a maid just to clean the bathtubs from now on... I can handle almost every chore but I HATE doing the tubs x.x

Is anybody watching AHS: 1984? I dropped off after the 4th episode and am debating if its worth it to pick it back up. I'm not usually much of a TV person but have really enjoyed some of the past seasons... this one just doesn't seem to hold my attention very well

If you want a provider to answer your message, your first text should probably be reference info and not explicit requests. I have never seen that tactic work out for a single guy- WHY do men continue to do it?

Sooooo glad I have a massage tomorrow... my back is killing me. Life as a tiny woman with a big chest is rough sometimes!

Sleepover comments: "I definitely feel like Luigi only hate fucks, never makes love." Really interesting info from our friends over at pornhub! What are your go to Halloween searches? I come back to schoolgirls and Disney princesses the most!

Apparently Dr. Doobie has learned from me that the proper way to sleep is all snuggled in but with one foot poking out

Love when beautiful classical arrangements can be meshed with modern music in a way that sounds natural.... lovely piece!

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