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Happy Thursday!

Email me!

I am able to make personalized videos for you ;) email me what you want and we can discuss


I am willing to do 50pics for $45! As I go through this thought time my rates are going down because I need any money I can get. Please reach out! I can make offers on

$mnb421 for cashapp

Email me 📧


Today I got in a head on collision. I don’t have health insurance and went to hospital but the accident was not my fault. I am now jobless and carless. I will take any donation for any photos or videos at this time.

Cashapp $mnb421



Mondays aren’t fun so I’m doing a package deal of 30nudes and 2 videos for $60. Once cashapp is sent $mnb421 Email me and I’ll send you the naughty stuff 🤫
I’m free all day today for videos or nudes. Wednesday I’m open for outcalls


Email for an outcall tonight!
Or I can take special pictures for you or make you a personalized video 😘


Available all day today!

South suburbs are best for outcalls!


Happy Sunday! So nice to see the sunshine in Chicago!


Enjoying a nice bath on the first day of mental health awareness month!
I’m available all weekend for fun or words of affirmation!

Hi all! Phones been acting up but I should be better at responding now! (Hopfully) I’m free today for facetime/Skype/make videos or pics :)


Been offlin for a few weeks due to phone issue 🤦🏼‍♀️ Trying to respond as best I can. Miss you all and availble Wednesdays and sundays for outcalls

Happy Monday,

Selling nasty pics and videos for cheap. Email me 🥰

At the end of this month I’m losing my part time gig on Wednesday since covid rules are changing. Therefore, I will be available Wednesdays for outcalls and video chats. I will be particular with whom I meet.

Email me for information 📧

My personal Facebook was hacked. Can anyone unhack it? Please email me 🤞🏼❤️

Leaving switter. For those who have been great to me, I appreciate you and your kindness and will still love emails from you. I will respond if you want to talk.

For others- I am human. Words hurt. Scamming me sucks. I am a good person. I will not be pushed down anymore, the regular world is hard enough. This is where I say goodbye. Bullying and hurting others is not okay. I didn’t know this still happened as adults. Unfortunalty it does so I need to take a step back from this app.

I love getting scammed out of money 🙃

I trust people and they take advantage. Sad world we live in

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