Just got off a zoom work meeting and it was so depressing. We don’t know when we will be back to work, unemployment is so behind it’s so hard to file. I’m scared. Praying this ends soon.

Thank you to those who have been reaching out! I’m here for and 💌brookebby421@gmail.com

May we all survive these tough times. Love you all and stay healthy

My hot coworker is always open to a three sum! Young brunette and blonde to keep you occupied while quarantined 😋


Hi all! Good news: I’m feeling better and no longer have the flu! Bad news: my work is closed and since I work at a private practice the government cannot help our office and I won’t be getting paid so back to good news I have an open schedule!!

Well, I have the flu, type A (not the corona virus I got tested lol) anyways I will be home so can Skype, make videos and take pics. Obviously no outcalls. Feel free to virtually keep me company.

Been busy at work but you know what that means? I can sneak away in my scrubs and take naughty nudes for you ;)


✨happy weekend!

35 nudes for $60
2 videos for $50

Personalized videos and pics too! :)


Valentine’s Day specials on skype, pictures and videos!



Hi all! I’m not ignoring anyone, just have the flu. Hopefully will be better soon and be in contact with you then 🥰

Currently babysitting and now remeber why I don’t want kids

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