Switter has created an awesome for !!! Come & join!! Sign up with your switter credentials and get VERIFIED after following firm instructions on how to do so! xo💋


@AmeenaBeMinesSF Why do we need to get verified and who is actually doing the verifying...and how and why did they get appointed to this position?

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@j @e @lolahunt @AssemblyFour are the switter creators. It’s not mandatory to get verified but it is a good idea to do so. Please check out my profile to see previous toots about verification. Hope that helps! 💋xo

@AmeenaBeMinesSF @j @e @lolahunt @AssemblyFour Why is it a good idea? I hate when people blindly throw out things swearing it's the latest greatest, best for you deal...then never explain why openly.

@BrookeTyler @AmeenaBeMinesSF @j @AssemblyFour Hey Brooke! It's just to access the forum. We created the forum so providers were able to share resources privately and keep each other safe. Switter is open to clients and providers so we wanted a sw only space. You don't have to join but it's just an extra resource :)

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