I've continued to think about you in every single move I make every single day.

It saddens me when you aren't thinking about me as you continue to not social distance, with the added bonus of not wearing protective gear.

The more you gather, my world stays isolated another 14 days or more. Most of us are reaching 3 months in staying at home and/or wearing protective gear.

Live your freedom and liberties, I just want to finally live mine too. Think of me too, ok?

As I sit here in my home a month later, this was a text I woke up to today....

People of age: Stay home🙏

People of young: Get tested🙏

All: Wear masks. Wash your hands. Don't touch your face. Social distance. Not sure what Social Distancing means? Stay the fuck away from other people. If you can't, wear personal protective gear.

I am not against your rights, I am against those that are selfish without thoughts of what they do impact us all.


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@BrienneHarris amen to that & I’m not particularly religious. Since I now live on the most isolated islands 🌴 in the world, sometimes I feel like I’m not in the USA. Social distancing and masks are taken for granted. Quarantine for visitors is enforced, if you break it, you can be arrested, fined, put on the next plane and sent back (deported? ejected?). We don’t have the resources, so we take this seriously 😳 I’ve missed you 🌈🌴🥰

@BrienneHarris Preach Girl!!!!! There are a thousand NEW cases a day in my state.

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