If people came from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?

@BrienneHarris because monkeys did not want to give up prehensile tails and I can’t blame them for that. Prehensile tails are cool.

"God made men, but he used a monkey to do it!
Apes in the blood and we're all here to prove it!"

"Are we not men? We are devo."
Also devo

Does that answer your question?

@BrienneHarris "Hey, hey, we're the monkeys ...". Love that group.😍😘😍😘😍😘

@BrienneHarris 🤓 The evolutionary history is actually very interesting regarding this question!
We share common ancestry but 25 million years ago (or so) it diverges. We share like 98 oercent of our DNA with some monkeys 🙉
Or something 🤪 sorry I'm drinking coffee and being nerdy 😂☕

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