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If a lady changes her name or email or or or, let her.

Sometimes the reason is beyond trying to trick you into whatever you assume she might.

Sometimes it is just time to reinvent or get away from some.

And most importantly, sometimes a gurly just wants to feel brand new.

Don't try to understand what and why we do what we do, we just ask that you respect it.

We appreciate your kindness. patience and understanding in this matter.

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In short term understanding, if a lady changes who she is, shut the fuck up if you know her new anything. THERE IS A REASON.

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No explanation ever needed. If your still welcomed by her isn’t that enough?


It is beautiful as long as you keep the new news to yourself. Leave it to her to share what she is willing to on her own.

It’s a very simple concept as the friendship is unconditional, correct?


It as a simple as shutting the fuck up about that you know.


I meant to state that better.

Stupid hand πŸ˜†

@BrienneHarris You’re not talking about her going from Danielle to Daniel are you? πŸ€”

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