When enjoying the interactions online or in person, keep in mind...

We sometimes overwhelmingly endure much. Whether it is great wealth or great poverty or greatness of happy or the greatest sadness.

...We put aside whatever life has dealt us at any given moment to give you a part of us selflessly.

Sometimes it is nice to know we are appreciated no matter how big or small.

@BrienneHarris I bought a kids toilet training seat for a very sweet mom today. Some gift lingerie, I gift 🚽 & 💩 accessories 🤓

Brienne, I appreciate you 🌹


Richard Nixon once smuggled a suitcase full of weed through the airport for Louis Armstrong.

@BrienneHarris ...and that's how he became known as "Tricky Dick" eh?

Amen to all that --
except for one word.
Don't ever do "selflessly" ever, please.

It's your self that we enjoy -- here, and I'm confident, in person.

Not some bland less-than-you "selfless" dishrag non-personality.

You do you!

Thank you.

@BrienneHarris Psst, thank you and appreciate your wit amongst your troubles.

@BrienneHarris this right here is exactly why I not only have respect for what you do, but also, if I ever date again, . I truly hope that someday I can give someone some stability and consistency to come home to from work everyday just like a normal person.

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