We all should give year round. Days like today just serves as reminder to keep doing just that.

Take time to make a difference. If you can't donate your time, pop out that check book. Don't have a favorite charity, buy someones dinner tonight. Gift ladies goodies from their Wish Lists. Send a thank you note to someone for just being who they are. Simply smiling at someone can make a huge difference in their world and sometimes yours too.

Whatever you choose, just choose to do something.


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@BrienneHarris I love this! As a woman who has had to cut off ties with my family because they are toxic, the holidays, especially Christmas time leave me feeling very alone, alienated and sad. This will be my 3rd christmas where i have nothing to look forward to and I have to force myself to think of it as just another day. Any and all kinds of positive and uplifting conversation or encounter means more to me than anything.

@Skylarmarie Hang in there. There is more to family than blood. I hope your holidays are marvelous, nevertheless. πŸ’•


Well you have us. There are a bunch of great people in this community that welcome you with opens arms.

Jump in, get to know us. Positive breeds positive. Kindness creates kindness.

🌺 🌺 🌺

@BrienneHarris @Koreana @Skylarmarie

Somewhere in the Southern regions of California.

LA, Orange County, High Desert, San Diego, etc.

@Skylarmarie @BrienneHarris

The holidays can be a bitch. You need to surround yourself with a good spirit. The holidays are an excellent time to volunteer. The energy you put in with fill you to the brim with positive energy.

I busted my ass for years doing volunteer work. I always got more out of it than I put in. If I could pay the bills with volunteering I would in a heartbeat.

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