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Being the slave i am... And after talking with thesuperior @Queenjasmine .. we decided to let all the amazing people on here vote on if i should participate in LOCKTOBER ... if you dont know what that is feel free to message me ..


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Id like to thank Goddess @ryn for allowing me to buy her and here friend starbucks for the weekend plus a little amazon gc ... You are a absolute perfect Goddess thank you for allowing me to serve you ...

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Id like to thank the one and only @Rippedreiley for allowing my bitch ass to send her an Amazon gift card .. show my appreciation on how superior and dominant shes been to me ...

Bows down thank you Queen

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Thank you To one of the best superiors i know @Yourqueenlili ... Thank you my superior for allowing me to send to you .

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I have to a few superiors on here some have ghosted some i still ... Some were some were ... Ive realized switter is a marathon not a sprint ...

I look forward to continuing to serve and grow here

Cover my supper tonight don't have the energy to cook today 🥺 50$

Had a great day at the gym legs feel like jello 😂 but it's time to massage every inch

logging off early I want to wake up to a nice surprise cover my coffee Tim Hortons gift card

Most favorite pair of boots I own would love to trample one of you with right now 😈 :leather_boots:

Breakfast arrived 😋 well technically brunch need another Tim Hortons gift card for this week $end now

Right where you should be looking up at me you little loser begging to get crushed by me 😈

Good morning I'm up and need fucking coffee you little losers so fucking send now!!!!

Got all ready, Uber almost here and the fucker cancelled!!! This is why we ask for deposits 🤬🙄

Need some morning training? I am a true aficionado of the art of bdsm. A real to rape your wallet.
I do live sessions , as well.
I have a lot of toys and know how to use them.
I am very busty, workout , have a nice round behind. sessions , , and a !
with too.
Today in until 2pm. to
Mistress Athenais

👉🏻Sometimes we have a strong sense of what our destiny is calling us to do, but we don't feel quite ready or brave enough to answer the call. We need a push, an intervention, a serendipitous stroke—what you might call "fate bait."

It's a person or event that awakens our dormant willpower and draws us inexorably toward our necessary destiny; it's a thunderbolt or siren song or stage whisper that gives us a good excuse to go do what we know we should do.💗❤️

Sweet lil Southern girl with a big ass... personality ;) I recommend checking out my website -- I took a lot of time putting it together and I don't want to come off as a bot by repeating it all here for the sake of a bio :)

Think sugar, spice, and everything nice - with emphasis on the spice! ;)

Visiting Austin 10/25 - 10/30, let's set aside some time for each other <3

Location: Austin, Texas

start licking, bitch. there’s your dinner waiting on the bottom of My boot 👅👢

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