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You are not braver than me for NOT wearing a mask. You dont love freedom more than me for NOT wearing a mask. I love humanity so i act as if i have corona already and protect all of you. Plus covering a third of this face? Win/win.

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Thank you to the cops and delivery men and babysitters and especially providers here and all the other people whose jobs make social distance impossible, but are vital to the community. Thank you ladies and gentlemen.

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I dont follow first. I follow back quickly though.

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I apologize to everyone whoose toots i have boosted long after they are relavent. I DO read them and try to only boost the toots that match whatever is pinned, but sometimes i get carried away. Sorry everybody.

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Thanks to all the people who read and boost me. Thanks to everyone that wants to follow. Thank you to all the amazing content creators. This a great community.

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