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I apologize to everyone whoose toots i have boosted long after they are relavent. I DO read them and try to only boost the toots that match whatever is pinned, but sometimes i get carried away. Sorry everybody.

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Thanks to all the people who read and boost me. Thanks to everyone that wants to follow. Thank you to all the amazing content creators. This a great community.

I had a great night at work but now i'm gonna sit on my ass and watch youtube and relaxx.
also incoming boost spree ladies and felllas.

hope everyone is slayin' this thursday!

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Soooo anyone that watches my Onlyfans posts... I have no toys...

But I do have an Amazon wishlist...

I have added dildos, webcams, outfits, etc so I can make more content...
And I can even send u some custom content...

So if you would like I have added the wishlist... If you wanna spoil me... Go ahead... I DARE you! Lol!!!!

@BigDaddyBennet I am popping to see the doctor this afternoon, which isn't fun but its the only plan I have 🤭 ❤️ ❤️ When I get back I will be able to put my feet up though 🤗 🤭 😍 So hopefully it will be fun later on 😊 🤗 ❤️

@BigDaddyBennet Happy Friday BDB, I hope you are having a great morning sweetie 🤗 😍 ❤️ I am looking forward to the weekend ❤️ 😍 ❤️


As if we haven't had enough boobs and nudity this week here is another sexy shot of Tindra kicking her legs in the air like a girl who has just given herself an orgasm with a G spot dildo 💦 Tindra loves playing with sex toys.. the bigger the better 🤭

There are so many juicy videos to browse through and new ones added every day!! 🔞
The DMs are always open for chat & NO hidden fees.. just ten bucks a month all in

Louise 💋💋💋


Have I posted too many jiggling boob shots this week 🤔 Trick question, there is no such thing as too many jiggling boob shots 😍 This one is super cute though, the expression on Tindra's face is so wicked that it makes me want to cum 💦

There are so many juicy videos to browse through and new ones added every day!! 🔞
The DMs are always open for chat & NO hidden fees.. just ten bucks a month all in

Louise 💋💋💋

I work in a place that is almost all women. You dont expect the bathrooms to be scary places and yet...

Working the next three nights, I'd love a little surprise 😉

Tomorrow is my only day off this week! If you want a piece, now is the time to tell me. 😜

I hope everyone has a lovely night! I'm curling up with season four of criminal minds and daydreaming. Maybe about you. ❤️

Coffee and chill for a bit longer until I make dinner.

Incoming boost spree!

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