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I’m still around! I’m mostly posting on Twitter and Instagram, but I’m actively taking sessions in Chicago, and during my travels.

Message me at!

‪I’ve had a couple of approach me recently in about a meetup. I think it’d be fun — any suggestions on a bar or central location?‬

A graduate with a soft and delicious body, an impossibly dirty mind, and an appetite for breaking the rules. Let's discover the pleasure our bodies are capable of. Be my study break, and I'll show you how wild I can get ;D

Screening required - References or work verification


Location: ,
Contact:,, 2064854414(text only)

So while this says Oct 12th, I actually got a ticket for Oct 10th. That’s right....5 whole days. I can be sweet or spicy, vanilla, or...very flavorful. Are you ready for me, Seattle?

Oh, Twitter stopped crossposting! My phone was out of commission, but I’m back now. :)

‪Looks like I’m making a quick trip to until Friday. Anything going on up there? ‬

RT Doom Maidens' BBW Catball with me and is still #1 in Pantyhose wrestling. See what all the fuss is about!


RT Also 😘😍


RT tour update October 26th-29th Denver Colorado October 30th - November 1st Phoenix AZ November 5th- 7th Boston Ma November 9th - November 12th Las Vegas December 6th-9th Sacramento Ca December 9th-11th Sacramento Ca


RT “Old guard” leather kink sub-culture has its roots from military mentality, protocols and traditions - which centred around conformity. BDSM today has broader goals like finding authentic self and self-actualization.


‪This is my beloved bike. It cost me $650. Someone stole it this morning, by breaking into my garage. In and have a nice bike? I’ll trade or give a discount on a session.‬

‪Or you can donate toward a new bike on Cash - $BettieBrickhouse‬

I have different content across all my social media channels. Make sure to follow me!

Twitter: @bettiebrickhous
Instagram: bettiebrickhouse
Fetlife: BettieBrickhouse

I’ve spent most of the day cleaning in preparation for guests this weekend. One of you slave boys should be doing it instead. 😉

Just a reminder that I have a portable massage table, and very strong hands. This client was certainly satisfied. 😉

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