Seattle I'll be in you Thursday/Friday of this week! I still have a tad of availability. Get in touch at or text only at 602.562.8982


Remember when I made this hot AF video three years ago w/@amorous_films?

Let's reminisce together. Still blonde. Still chubby. Still slinging a strap-on.


Occasionally when I tell my roommate "my butt hurts", he repeats it back to me in a Daffy Duck voice and someone needs to explain this joke to me.

@etucsonchris *puts hands under chin* tell me more...
but also that'll be $9.99 per min...

Some providers are very high-end, meet me at the W. I'm very low center of gravity, meet me at the Whataburger.

💻P411: p271405
☎(520) 261-6240 (text only)
📲 ⬅ more jokes and photos but less nipples 👀

@etucsonchris You're very sweet. Sweet to my nipples (???!?) but I'll take it!

Last minute availability in Phoenix tonight!

Email or text 602.562.8982 for details!

SW'ers in NYC with huge twitter followings who don't use their platforms to help others always saddens me.

Putting their brand and marketing and selfies and own self interest before others. I don't mean to talk badly of others. It just makes me sad and frustrated.

👠 Donate to Decrim NY.

👠 Rights not raids.

👠 If you donate today your donation is doubled.

👠 Start your week by doing something good.

👠 Then book a sex worker for some pleasure.

We've got you.

Looks like I'll be in Seattle May 9-10! I'll have limited availability but am excited to meet some new lovers 😘. Get in touch!

Inquiries: or 602.562.8982 (text only)

While in Los Angeles, I'll be available for outcalls all over the city, as well as surrounding areas including but not limited to Venice Beach, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Marina del Rey, Hollywood, and more! Don't hesitate to inquire if you're looking for me to come to you 💋

What test shots look like when you're your own photographer and you want to make sure you get some bunny ears in the frame.

Devoid of all hope, circus mirrors and pot smoke
Picking fights on dyke night with shirleys and loccs
And snatching purses
Doing Elton at karaoke and forgetting all the verses
Blowing kisses to disinterested bitches

@Benito69 Oh honey, I already teach a course on Freakonomics at the Learning Annex.

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