What test shots look like when you're your own photographer and you want to make sure you get some bunny ears in the frame.

@BettieBrunetti Not to belabor the point, but I came back just to burn the image of your beautiful nipples deeper into my brain. I mean, your photos kill me all the time, but this one... Anyhow, thanks.

@etucsonchris You're very sweet. Sweet to my nipples (???!?) but I'll take it!

@BettieBrunetti Ha, it's a whole package thing, for sure. Your nipples are a highlight, definitely.

@BettieBrunetti Also, that moment you realize you should probably just keep your thoughts to yourself? HAPPENING TO ME RIGHT NOW as I re-read this stuff.

@etucsonchris *puts hands under chin* tell me more...
but also that'll be $9.99 per min...

@BettieBrunetti Is there a 976 number to call? Do I need to wait for a 3 am showing of Jerry Springer to see an ad for this service?

@BettieBrunetti Laura's on Televisa during that time, so I've been busy.

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