Fellow Providers:

Has anyone else had their Venmo acct terminated?

No answer given (their policy) 2 not provide explanations per the rep...

In the back & forth emails they kept mentioning “investigation”. I immediately felt scared that they would google my email address or other info. Not used 2 feeling like this or having 2 worry abt this stuff having been a civie..

Today I shed a tear for all of us but moreso for the vet SW’ers tht hve dealt with much worse than merely losing Venmo...

@delphine sweet, kind and empathetic Delphine. Thank you for responding and yes.... I actually cried not because of Venmo but bc of the emotions surrounding it. Not used to all of the shaming, fear etc. I don’t have to explain further I know you understand but it’s fine. Learning lesson and others have dealt with much worse.

On another note, check your email in a few. 😘

@Sweetnicole You are super sweet! Thanks for going back in my toots & want to help! 😘😘

I am so sorry that has happened. I had not even thought about that happening to bank accts... Thank you for that.

If you don’t mind me asking, what about deposits? How would I get around that?

@Sweetnicole Thank you SOO much, I have to be more careful. 🙏

I am so sorry all of that has happened to you. Smh... So many roadblocks are put up against providers. Simple things like bank

I will buy a safe! Ty again for all the tips & help! Truly! 😘😘😘😘😘 I can tell you are a very kind soul. Wishing you PROSPERITY & all Good Hearted, Caring, Fun & Generous New Friends! 😉

I hope you are able to sleep! 💛💛


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