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❤️Disclaimer: I will never initiated contact with my clients.❤️

Like a "lady in wait" I wait to be summoned and and allow the gents to lead the way.....🐰😍😘


Now stay put .. what did I say about not being a stranger lol

@BerlinMonroe glad to see you back here- your friends miss you- and I miss you too! 🤗😘❤️😈😍🌹🖖🏼🐇🐕

While on WWW researching social media of porn stars/adult talents (to out frauds), I noticed a lot of well-endowed female talents have dogs as pets. Not sure What kind of statistical correlation- big-boobed gals are more likely to own 🐶 (s), or 🐕 owners are more likely to be big-boobed ( o )( o )

I need a bigger sample size hahaha 😂
But @BerlinMonroe is always in my 😍😘❤️

PS: quite a doozie to read a MAGA-Liberterian, online porn-selling talent’s Twitter..

PPS: I’m drunk 🥴 perhaps 😵

@BerlinMonroe so good to see you on here. Hope you're staying healthy and safe .. your online presence here is missed. Don't be a stranger 😘

@BerlinMonroe Hi Berlin, missing your postings, hopefully you are doing fine and keeping safe.😁😍😘😍😘😍😘❤

@BerlinMonroe Hello, thanks for dropping by. Hopefully you are keeping safe and clean. As always, stay sexy.❤❤❤😘😍😘😍🤔😍

@BerlinMonroe 🙋‍♂️ 👋👋👋😘😍😘😍😘😍

@BerlinMonroe 👋👋👋😘😘😘 Miss your postings😋

@BerlinMonroe Hello sweetie.. Thanks for the follow. Hope all is well with you? Have a great week. Hannah

Uncultured swine here — is bunny a reference to something specific?


Uncultured swine? Wow, you're almost as self deprecating as I am 😉. Why such language for an honest question?

Yes it's specific, and if you look at my profile I hope it's clear that Miss Bunny (@BerlinMonroe) is the lovely soul that brought me to Switter in the first place.

I realize I should have capitalized the "B" in Bunny, though...😃


Im looking for someone to f*ck & eat my juicy pussy tonight. Are you that gentleman??IF SO WHY DONT U COME F*CK ME LIKE YOU HATE ME...


Location: Pasadena,CALI
Contact: 510-990-1403

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