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I went looking for the Girl Next Door

now I am facing 3-5 years in the State Penn 😩

When U get notified that U have passed screening & your deposit cleared on your booking confirmation...

Mrs Steinberg was so embarrassed upon seeing her little Samuel playing dreidel with the Rabbi’s children

Everybody has seen the Bat Signal at night but I am working on the Benny Signal. Keep a look out Ladies😍😘

@Cinn I never asked U, are U a GRITS?

(Girl Raised In The South)😍

@NatalieInternet I had a Accounts Payable Mgr that was a quiet Filipina named Flora, that looked a lot like U. I wished I had known she may have been such a dirty sexy slut😝😘

@Cinn I never asked U, are U a GRITS?

(Girl Raised In The South)😍

@BennyCaldwell @Cinn

Yeah I may need to bbgreek that morherfucker 😆

Hello Switthearts!! I know I haven't posted in awhile. Been going thru some personal crap. I am happy to announce I have officially moved back to Cleveland into a brand new apt. It's beautiful. You'll love it. I think I should be good to go tomorrow or the next day. If you want to book some time with me, just let me know. 😘😘

Uh oh warm weather & @Cinn in halter top & booty shorts combo. Its a recipe for Broad Street Newark Bus accident. Bus Driver couldnt help himself being distracted by Miss Boom Boom. NPD agree it was inevitable & uncontrollable accident. No ticket violations issued.

ts my first time in Denver and want to meet new friends.

⬇️ Mine
⬇️ My daughter

⭐ Location: Denver
⭐ Text: 702-343-9527
⭐ Email:

Location: Denver
Contact: 702-343-9527

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