mellow man friendly looking for woman in No issues with for reviewed providers.

70 yo polite gent. Coming out of covid-hibernation. Vaccinated, sane. Seeking 1-3/month regular who is over 35-40. Minneapolis. All replies answered.

Covid-19 Safe sex
C-Lipgloss(c) by Thermocoupling Inc:
This lip gloss goes on clear and sexy with a fresh mint taste. If the lips, skin or wherever else you put it is warmer than 99.8, the gloss turns Mr. Yuk bilious green, a warning to break off contact immediately. Designed for use on clients or providers. Not for use in saunas.

Covid-19 Safe sex
C-Lube by Thermocoupling Inc: This sexual lubricant goes on clear and cool. If the organ is warmer than 99.8, this heat-sensing lube turns PineSol yellow, gives off a fresh pine scent and becomes sticky like resin. Manufacturer suggests not using when cuddling under blankets.

Covid-19 Safe sex for SW
1 condom over tne little head.
2 Texas 10 Gallon condom over the big head.

COVID-19 sexwork
Client invites you for a week long cruise. Tell him you will send pics of x-treme cruise for $. When cash appears, send pics of the Crew of the Caspian Sea from Pirates of the Carribean

COVID-19 SW world:
Bondage game #2.
Tie client. Infrared thermometer. If Temp is more that 99.6, extreme discipline and roll naked client out the door, throwing his infectious clothes after him. Keep fee for clean up. -19

COVID-19 SW world.
Bondage games?
Tape an N95 over nose and mouth. -19

Suggestions for consent in a COVID19 Sex work world
5) $25-40 protection risk fee for positive antibody test.
Pro: It is possible that this would mean not infectious
Con: the data is not clear.
SWs: This is the best I can come up with. We agreed pre-COVID19 that universal condoms were needed. We must have new rules to get the SW world moving again.
Message me comments and ideas and I will pass them along if you do not want to post on your name. -19

Suggestions for Consent in a COVID-19 Sexworker world
3) Both parties shower before contact.
4) Disposable paper tarp over sheets and pillows during.
Pro: Seems sane.
Con: No proven benefit. -19

Suggestions for consent in COVID-19 SW.
#2. No French kissing. The more viruses transmitted, the higher the chance of infection. The virus is found in nasal secretions and saliva and sputum (in their highest concentrations in the mouth). The risk is highest to or from either client or provider from a french kiss. It is possible that the virus will be found in sweat, sperm, vaginal secretions, etc (most viruses are) but the infection risk is lower. -19

What would be possible ways to create some grounds for acceptable covid consent? 7 suggestions for discussion.
1. Fever less than 100.4 of both parties on start. Will pick up mild cases, will not pick up infectious asymptomatic carriers.

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