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Playful mermaid available in Santa Cruz for
Endless body slides in an ocean of bliss! What's your kink? Fem Dom is one of my specialities.
by the beach. come to me
Polite intro with name and switter handle please. Thank you❤

Location: Santa Cruz, California
Contact: (831) 205-oh779

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Come share some quality time with a celestial California dream girl. Skilled in massage, tantra, and kink. Endless body slides in a sea of bliss. Beautiful by the sea in Come closer Please offer polite introduction with full name and switter handle. I look forward to meeting you~Aurora ❤

Location: Santa Cruz,California
Contact: (831)205-oh779

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Come to my sensual oasis. by the beach in with a mermaid. also available for a fiesty session. come closer Available 11 till 10 daily. Please offer polite intro with your name and switter handle.❣I look forward to meeting you❣

Location: Santa Cruz ,California
Contact: (831)205-oh779

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Good Morning🌞 ALL of YOU Imperfectly PERFECT Incredibly Wickedly Wildly Wonderfully Amazingly Intoxicatingly Extremely Breathtakingly Beautiful Switter Creatures😍 💗

Happy Super Sinfully Seductively SEXY Sunday😈

MUCH LOVE to YOU and PLEASE BE SAFE 🙏💗😍💗🤗💗 😘 💗 😋 💗


Have a Super Fantastic Sunday!

Be Safe 🙏 and Enjoy Your Hobby😈 😁

Happy Father's Day to ALL the Dad's out there!

Any man can become a Father, BUT it takes a True Man to be a Dad.

Have a Super Fantastic Day!

Be Safe 🙏 and Enjoy Your Hobby

@Auroraborealis123 Ahhh, waxing 🙈 That will definitely wake you up if nothing else does 😁 🤗 More coffee is always good. I am having a very good and extremely lazy day 😁 When it comes to boobs you only need to look in the mirror to see a bangin' pair 😁 😍 Actually you don't need a mirror.. I use your media page.. its full of amazing boobs 🤗 💖 ❤️ 😍

@Auroraborealis123 Happy Sunday Aurora 😍 I hope you are having a fabulous fathers day sweetie 🤗 😍 💖 Every time I see you I hear the song Santa Cruz in my head 👌 😍 It makes me happy 😁 😍

❤Happy father's day to all the good daddys. Thank you for showing us love, keeping us safe, sharing your wisdom, recognizing our talents, providing opportunities, teaching us what you have learned, offering support. May you all receive the love and appreciation you deserve. ❤


How do you taste? I taste of vanilla but Tindra tastes of strawberry sorbet, very sweet but she leaves an exciting tingle on the tongue that thankfully stays for hours 😋

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Louise 💋💋💋


When two award winning European sex pots get together you can bet Tindra's sweet ass sparks are going to fly, not just sparks either.. butt cheeks, boobs & orgasms all over the place 🤭

If you have ever wondered what Tina Kay is like at giving head 😋 join Only Fans and ask Tindra herself... its loaded with super sexy explicit content and you get lots of discounts on extras. At $9.99 a month its a no brainer 🧠

Louise 💋💋💋


Probably not the best nurse to visit if you are suffering from high blood pressure but if you have erectile dysfunction then Tindra's your girl. If nurses were really like this we would all suddenly need hospital treatment 🤭

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Louise 💋💋💋


She's a cutie with a pretty pair of hooters and a classy looking chassis.. try saying that when you are drunk 🤭 Seriously though, this is sexy little shot where you are stone cold sober or as pissed as a fart 😋

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Louise 💋💋💋

@justangelsforyou 😂 😍 🤗 ❤️ Awwww, you know I reckon you probably have always been an 😇

You can be a wild child and still be an Angel.. the halos are detachable... well mine certainly is 🤭 😍 & I am a good little girl... honest I am 😍

Yer beautiful sweetie 🤗 😍

Good morning Switterloves, 🥰

Happy Father’s Day to all you amazing daddy’s out there. Have a great day. Try to spoil yourselves rotten if no one else is 😈😍

I don’t have a “dad bod”. I have a “I just killed and ate your dad” bod. 🤦🏽‍♂️🧟‍♂️

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