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Who wants to be my pet tiger?🐅 Let your wilds out in a safe, loving place.
Lovely upscale incall with shower in come see me
Available 11am till 9pm daily
🌺Aurora (831)205-oh779
Please introduce yourself by name and switter handle thank you.
For more info on donations and offerings please refer to my tryst and private delights links on my page.

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Join me for a luxurious , a transformative session or journey into the realms of with this beautiful dominant goddess. Lovely, private temple in come to me
Text or call with your name, switter handle and some appointment times that work for you. I look forward to meeting you.
🌺💦Aurora (831)205-oh779

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So I noticed a lot of new ladies and they are boosting me. I appreciate the love. Due to past experiences I will boost you back when you have been on here for a while. In the past I would boost ladies and they would rip off my kind gentleman or flat out rob them. I will encourage you to keep at it and you will be successful.

Sunday funday ending in a perfect way. Stay tunes for bath pics this week 😉💦

🔥🌧🌕Here's to a cozy rainy full moon night in coastal California 🍵🍵😋😋

Happy full moon from the Goddess in me to the Goddess in u 🥰😍💕💜😎

You all know what day it is and I know you want to see more. Subscribe to my OnlyFans 💋

@switter Well, its late Friday but at least I was able to complete an abbreviated boosting cycle.

Happy Friday and hope you guys have a great weekend. Be more like @Auroraborealis123, she is having tons of naughty fun. 😀😃😄😆 Treat your dates nicely and as a fellow human being. Be nice or naughty nice to each other.❤❤❤ Much love to you all!

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Is it me, or this instance has become crammed with spam and bots? Is there something to do about this?


🤷🏾‍♂️ I'm just saying...

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