🌞Good morning! It was a wonderful weekend ofTantra, Domination, Shakespeare in a eucalyptus grove, lots of wine, a mad hatter's ball and the beach!!! Happy Monday🌞☕ @Fbsm4women @tindrastoes @fayelyon @MilaJynx @Electralove @Myaxoxo @AuroraGrey @monaelise @AliceBliss @sensatearts @jamieklee @lizerotica91 @KoreanKatey @lucysaravia @Kendall_Kain @Sweetcookie @PeytonDaniella

Happy F***ing Friday! :bunnies: :licking_lips: 😂

If you are thinking about getting that freaky groove on... you know what to do 🤭😈💙💦

🚪DC, Tysons Corner, Arlington, Fairfax


Come enjoy an extremely pleasurable and deeply relaxing massage, tantra, or journey into the realms of kink with a beautiful Dominant Goddess. I'm very playful and always devoted to our time together. Private incall by the beach in You're not too far Please introduce yourself by name and let me know where you found me. I look forward to having an ecstatic experience with you. ❤

Location: Santa Cruz,California
Contact: (831)205-oh77


A very sexy shot of Tindra in a pure silk camisole, having an orgasm in a bath shaped like a giant clam shell... as you do 🤭 "What did you do at work today" must be an awkward question to answer at the bar 💦 thevikingprincess.com

Visit Only Fans, enjoy the wall to wall boobs, relax in the sumptuous hot booty action and get drunk at the bajingo bar. The hostess has eic cleavage 💦 onlyfans.com/tindrafrost

Louise 💋💋💋


This is a totally gratuitous Throwback Thursday post of a shot that is so sexy it could even make a nun wet 💦 I mean seriously, those Daisy Dukes are practically a denim thong 😍 thevikingprincess.com

Tindra has family visiting this week but she is still available and posting right here on Only Fans.. and today's post is super dirty too 🤭 onlyfans.com/tindrafrost

Louise 💋💋💋

💗Someone has showered me with gifts!!! It's so nice to come home to this kind of love 💗🙏Thank you, kind and mysterious being💗🙏

Hi NYC, it's incall time next Tuesday & Wednesday! I'm a petite tatted sweetheart and I love sensual, teasing dates 😘 Lets hang out, makeout and give in to a passionate summer fling you'll continue to daydream about 🔥

Click here for more info and my awesome reviews. Only 3 openings left so prebookings are prioritized 💖

Location: NYC
Contact: xchloemoon@protonmail.com

I'm going on a month long "cleanse" of sorts starting next week. No booze, no red meat, no cigs (which I only smoke socially/rarely). 420 I might still use here and there. Curious what difference, if any, I can expect! NYC, what bars have your favorite mocktails?


"Only Fans is totally safe for work" (no it isn't)

"It does not have a set of full size shots of these two horny harlots making out all boobs and booty on display" (yes it bloody well does.. its smoldering)

"You cant directly message Tindra or get any discounts on anything" (yes you can)

"Its not less than ten bucks a month" (ohhh yes it is) 🍑 onlyfans.com/tindrafrost

Louise 💋💋💋


Try naked female wrestling they said! It will be fun they said! 🙈 Tindra is in a scissor lock between the vice like grip of Angels legs.. its not looking good for the Viking Princess but it is looking boobtastic to everybody else 😍 thevikingprincess.com

If you want to see Tindra doing all of the things that ABBA tried to persuade us Scandinavians don't do then Only Fans is the place to be.. MAMA MIA! 💦 onlyfans.com/tindrafrost

Louise 💋💋💋


Give a girl a beautiful smile and a nice pair of boobs and she can conquer the world... of course the right pair of shoes can help but who is thinking about shoes on a Tuesday? 🍑 thevikingprincess.com

Give a girl Chessie Kay and you get steamy lesbian sex with big boobs flying everywhere. Its nothing but strumpet as far as the eye can see 👀 onlyfans.com/tindrafrost

Louise 💋💋💋

RT @bookvanessavega@twitter.com

Friday August 2 EDISON NJ
Monday August 5- Tuesday August 6 NNJ

MY EMAIL ISSUES HAVE BEEN RESOLVED I will be getting back to you shortly


🐦🔗: twitter.com/bookvanessavega/st

Oh, Hello There! ✨
see that follow button? I’d tap that!

Book the Star that fell from outer space @AuroraGrey today!💫🌌🚀

Admirer on @preferred411 ? preferred411.com/P310272

🔑💵Screening & Deposit required.Please include your screening information in your initial email.

📌📅 Book Me: bit.ly/2HcAypd


It’s been fun being away on vacation - swimming, reading, and shooting for me. Now I’m looking forward to getting back to work! My mission hasn’t changed, I want provide providers with a safe, professional, photoshoot experience delivering high quality images (and video) to help them grow their business. If you’d like to work with me, I’d love to hear from you either here or via email!

Hi Beautiful Friends
I wanted to send out a for those who were about to sign up for my ONLY FANS.It's amazing how many INCREDIBLE BEAUTIFUL people are with me on here.

Unfortunately,Only Fans CLOSED my account yesterday stating that I may not create, upload, post, display, publish or distribute User Content that promotes or advertises escort services.(despite the fact, I NEVER advertised escort services on OF)

I will be creating an OF with my other business very soon. Stay Tuned! XO

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