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In ? Want to meet me in the future? Send me a tip via to get that amount off a future booking (please text me so I can make a note!) if you don't have, sign up via and we both get £5!

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📨 Message me on or 07870718724 (text/whatsapp) to book
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I'm Amy, a sexy 35 yr old English redhead with gorgeous super-long red hair down to my pert bum. My skin is soft, pale and freckly and my eyes are an unusual green/hazel colour that changes with my mood. I’m a slim 5’8", 10 stone with compact and pert 36B breasts that love to be kissed. I am bisexual and enjoy the company of clients of all genders

Location: Portsmouth, UK
Contact: 07870 718 724

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Are we allowed to bring our own playlist to the booking that has music? :) — Sure, you can set up your own device to play music in a booking, or if you have a CD I can pop it in the DVD player

Could we book you now for a date in say August or October when we should be able to meet? — I don't generally take bookings more than a week or two in advance, it's best to just get in touch if you'd like to make a booking once it…

Would you be happy to fool around under the covers or is it easier/more comfortable to kiss etc on top on the cov… — I mean right now it'd be way too hot anyway, lol, but at my own place I prefer to stay on top of the duvet, at yo…

Kinda glad to not be able to take bookings right now, it's too hot to think let alone fuck! 🥵

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Do you still use your same email as before or has it changed? I've emailed you about hotels, as I can't get onto … — My email is still as advertised on all my sites, I do remember replying to an email about that, but it bounced ba…

How has your day been today? - Tom x — Not too bad thanks, finally got to see my family (outdoors and 2m away obviously) for the first time since before the lockdown which was nice, then had to deal with texts from clients who th…

That’s such a shame, I was hoping a lady with your talents would know exactly where to go and what to do — I work indoors in my own private place, I'm not sure why I'd know where glory holes are or how to set them up lol

Have you ever thought about a gloryhole during these unusual times? — I don't know where such a thing could be set up lol

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It's a good time to get your regular sexual health check done as it's been 2 and a half months since any casual sex could've happened so you know a negative result is probably pretty accurate, also as the drop in clinics are closed check out to get a home test!

Which do you prefer and why? A dildo or vibrator inserted deep inside your Vagina. Or inserted just a short way i… — Insertion really doesn't do too much on its own, deep or shallow, clit stimulation is the best option and that do…

Will you update you Patreon? — They don't allow explicit content so I can't make many posts there, if you buy the $5 tier you get Snapchat access and the $10 tier also includes access to my discord server, or there's my onlyfans f…

Boris just said that from Saturday single adults can now meet up in a "support bubble" and they are going to "scr… — Clearly not unless an escort creates a support bubble with just one client 😃

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