I just updated my tours on my @TrystNA profile! Catch me in Washington DC, Manhattan, and Boston soon. To pre-book, visit tryst.link/escort/asteria-wolf

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As many of you know, my sister is a nurse working with COVID-19 patients. I'm running a special fundraiser to send her and other nurses care packages! It would mean the world to me if you donate what you can 💕


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Please don’t take your ass out just cuz shit opening. Y’all don’t trust the government no other time, don’t start now.

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I’m glad I got a new Snapchat subscriber or two, but I am still $190/500 and I know I can get further today🖤 buy my content please twitter.com/zuril0ve/status/12

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Has anyone seen any good threads about in-person sex workers deciding when/how to reopen their business? It’s a question that’s obviously on my mind, and I’ve had a few discussions with people about it. Has anyone had a really good take, ?

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Whoops, new OnlyFans url! Want exclusive access to my nudes and video clips? Nab a discounted subscription before they sell out 😘 onlyfans.com/julialabelle614

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I'll never understand how anyone has time to bitch about "high end companions" who "are trashy" on twitter bc they show their tits or junk or talk about sex? Like a. we're whores, this is whore twitter and b. I waste so much time here and I still don't have time for that?

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People often use the word "crime" as though it's synonymous with "harm." That's not what crime means. "Crime" is a set of behaviors the state has decided are punishable by law, regardless of whether they cause harm.

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I wrote a thread about this last night but it was 3am and thought it deserved a redo w/ a clear headspace

Some time ago I worked for a female run agency that tried to destroy me days after I was assaulted and left. I was not the first girl this happened to and also not the last

I hope everyone can stay as safe as it is possible for them to do, and I hope we start to see some light at the end of the tunnel soon.

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This applies right now to any virtual dating scenarios too. I'm navigating new waters, and I feel safer doing that with folks I already know.

My apologies to any new suitors who otherwise would follow instructions and be respectful. I just can't right now.

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I would also like to note at this point in time that I am not accepting any new clients for any reason, and this will probably be the case when I first start back up actually meeting people until I feel like I have my legs under me.

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If I can stay in and live off my savings for a bit, it leaves the available work for those in need. And I know I may eventually be one of those people who needs to if this goes on long enough.

I'll probably be somewhat quiet. Social media isn't the best for me right now.

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So I appreciate everyone's patience with me and thanks to the clients who have sent gifts or gone on a virtual date with me to test the waters.

Please note: I am not shaming *anyone* who has to work to support themselves. Everyone needs to survive.

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My website at asteriawolf.ch is a good place to check. When my availability goes back up, that will be the first place it will be visible. I have been unable to really get good virtual dating protocols set up. Hopefully I can, but my mental health is rocky.

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When I first became aware of this situation, I said I wouldn't be accepting any clients until at least May 1st. As of today, I still do not feel it is safe or appropriate for me to meet with clients, so I will not be doing so until further notice.

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So Ohio starts reopening tommrow and I've already had men demanding a date with me since "it's safe now"

So I would like to put it out into the world
IT IS NOT SAFE NOW! just because we are starting to open does not mean it is safe


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A thread of important sex worker posts I've come across:

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