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As many of you know, my sister is a nurse working with COVID-19 patients. I'm running a special fundraiser to send her and other nurses care packages! It would mean the world to me if you donate what you can 💕


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Whoops, new OnlyFans url! Want exclusive access to my nudes and video clips? Nab a discounted subscription before they sell out 😘 onlyfans.com/julialabelle614

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It's happy hour 🍷

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Good morning DO YOU NEED TO OVERCOME YOUR WHOREPHOBIA? t-shirts have been restocked ❣️

So uh, whenever my first week back is, I think I'm going to offer the FWE (Furry Wolf Experience) for anyone who is into that before I reinstate my normal shaving.

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Churning these babies OUT. It gets a little mind numbing though. Please recommend an album to listen to, I want some new music.

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Still finding ways to have fun...

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I decided hair down was best.

Vaughnwolff.com has info about virtual services and so much more.

Happy bday to me! How did 31 years around that big ol’ ball of fire fly by so fast?

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So it's officially my birthday.....and instead of my normal week long birthday vacation I'm stuck inside baking my own cake

Also so sad the only time this song will be relevant and you guys can't even keep me next to you 😭 gah I'm missing work and you lovely gents

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My failed attempt at making fresh alfredo sauce? Reminder that you don’t have to be perfect in these times.

Your meals don’t have to be pretty (or homemade!), you don’t have to learn a language or redo your site.

Making it through another day without any ‘progress’ is fine ❤️

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