Good Morning my fellow Tootsies.... Today is a bittersweet day... the bday of an off and on longtime lover of mine who passed away quite suddenlya couple of years ago. A very sweet, sexy person who had a hard time coping with modern life, and the shitty people that makes working retail hell on earth. When we were together, we met the most amazing folks in the social Dancing scene in So Cal. I have a lot of fond memories of her, laughing, dancing, loving, and talking. (1 of 2 )

Good Night my Tootsies Hope you all have had a fun and relaxing weekend. May your next week be profitable and drama free....Lord knows mine most probably will not be...Cheers!!!!!!!!..

... I'm not sure if it is just me or if is it widespread but it feels like the universe has decided to fuck with everybody right now..... a shit-ton of crappy shituations for!

...Don't get me wrong, I enjoy eyecandy as much as anybody but the woman who gets that Claude Rains had the best lines in Casablanca, who gets the sketch comedy in the Carol Burnett Show, Laugh in, Steve Allen, can laugh and joke in an intimate moment because it's just too funny, meets my definition of a Beauty, no, a Unicorn... time spent with a beautiful women will be remembered but time spent laughing with a woman who enjoys the humor will be deliciously Memorable.

Good Morning my Tootsies. I start my Labor Day Holiday weekend today. It's been a long crappy week for me, shitty approval process for updating a contract for construction. New micromanaging executive changing the process mid project.... Fuck! This used to be fun! Now it's like a daily trip to the DMV...fml...

Rant over... hope you all have a fabulous and Profitable end of week and weekend!

Good morning my Tootsies... here's to wishing a Fabulous and Profitable last full week of Summer...Stay Fabulous my friends!

Good Morning and Happy Friday my sweet Tootsies... Hope you all have a joyous and productive day.... and remember, the oxen are slow, but the Earth is patient...

Good Morning Tootsies!.... Hope you all have a pleasant and profitable day!!!

Good night my
Tootsies.... just remember no matter where you go, there you are...

Sweet Dreams!

Hey Tootsies, got a bit of travel coming up, Quebec City and Helsinki.... any suggestions on live music places and eyecandy.... not trusting the sales folks recommendations..

Reminder - Life is unpredictable- If you care for them, let them know, often. They may leave or be taken from you in the blink of an eye.

Been a while with no toots... been thinking about an old gf who past a couple of years ago. She was an awesome couples dancer, and we met the most interesting people together. Miss her alot... 🥃 to absent friends and lovers🥂

...and with that, every goodnight my Tootsies... may tomorrow be fun and profitable....

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I'm having one of those days when I just need to be fucked in the ass. You know what I mean?

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