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“We are such stuff as dreams are made on,
And our little life is rounded with a sleep.”
~ Shakespeare; The Tempest

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San Francisco/Oakland, I am yours for the rest of May! Prebook with me via the link in my bio.

If I'm not in your city, I am available for fly me to you. Take the plunge ;)

As always, ATL was great. Available in Dallas until 5/29, then I’m off to Miami.


Waiting for my future Italian boyfriend to play this song outside my window at night after taking me shopping during the day and then floating down the river.

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I have availability Thursday May 27th and Saturday May 29th all day 🥰
Booking form is best to get in touch: 90mins minimum 💖


Sometimes I think about not using this photo because of the visible texture on my hand, but I post it anyways because I love it. It shows so much personality. I also played piano for years as a kid to not be shameful of my skin!
Shout out to the babes with eczema like me :)

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I’m still taking some time to settle into my new ABE home, so here is a to my first profile picture as Angel. Do you remember this one?

I didn’t know it was that active! Lol I remember when I asked about it wayyy back and folks were like it’s not popping like that.

I’ve been scrolling through notifs for almost 10 minutes 😭

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Forgot I had a Switter account 😗

Bare with me as I comb through all my notifications lol. Hello Switter people 👋🏽

I’m still taking some time to settle into my new ABE home, so here is a to my first profile picture as Angel. Do you remember this one?

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Philly dancers !!! Be on high alert!

This man is following dancers home and assaulting them! He’s driving the car pictured.

Please share with any Philly dancer communities !

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Good morning everyone! Guess what??


It’s been a crazy year, I’ve overcome so much. Excited to see life brings this year.


CashApp: $MissJacquelineH

Good morning! For those who enjoy my writing, I’ve released a new blog!

This one focuses on lessons I’ve learned from my houseplants, especially since Covid. Thank you in advance to those who lay their eyes on it and want to know more about me 🥰😊

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Would you join me in the bath?

If you’re in you’re in luck!
I’m available for bookings NOW-June 1 💋 catch me while you can

Screening REQUIRED.

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St. Louis providers there is possible LE contacting ladies on RR. If you are advertising on RR, get in contact with me ASAP so I can share with you the information.

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I’m offering duos with witty and winsome @Wondrous_Winnie while she’s in town this weekend!

📧 to see us unite after a year of longing.

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Greg Abbott just signed the 6 week Abortion ban into law in Texas. If you need assistance with navigating where to get, how to get, and how to pay for an abortion in Texas, @BBFundTX is here to help. BBF AND ABORTIONS FOREVER

I felt like I was on Naked & Afraid except I wasn’t naked and I was VERY afraid 😭😭😭

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