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I don’t know what she’s on, but I’ll take whatever it is if it will make me this happy about putting gas in my car

If another person says YoUr ReSeArCh oN SW (years of it; peer-reviewed and published) iSn’T LeGiTiMaTe BeCaUsE YoU’rE nOt A SeXwOrKeR, I’m going to lose it.

I was feeling frisky while on duty at the park today, so I snuck in a few hot photos. Should I share them on one of my Fan sites? 🤔

It’s getting hot in here… ❤️‍🔥

No, really. I took my camera in the steam room!

My noise-cancelling headphones are dead because I keep forgetting to turn them off, but I’m wearing them anyway in, “I’m feeling antisocial, and if I have my magic headphones on you can’t see me,” fashion. 😆🙉🙈

Rise and shine!

This is your gentle morning reminder that I’m leaving OF for Fansly. Come with me! ☺️ Join FREE for 7 days

YOU have influence, just by being YOU! So share that smile, give that compliment, and be a force for good in the world!

You are quietly and subtly influencing the people around you all the time—​without even trying, and often without realizing it.


Integrity is walking the talk. Your actions live up to your words.

Authenticity is only talking what you already walk. Your words reflect your actions.

It’s good to practice what you preach. It’s better to reserve your preaching for the principles you consistently practice.


Starbucks is playing “Santa Clause is Coming to Town” and I am…bothered

I’m making the switch from OF to Fansly. What does that mean for you? More content is coming! Use this link for FREE 7-day trial:

Anyone who thinks humans aren’t creates of habit should delete an app on the 1st page of their iPhone and watch what happens to your sanity after the other ones rearrange themselves 🤯

In today’s episode of “Why is My Cat an A**hole?”…

Thank you for your care and mindfulness in getting this right, We appreciate you and the work you're doing on this, and other challenging, topics.


Op-Ed: When Speaking Wrong About Sex Work Goes Right


It’s almost as if the evidence should be pertinent to the crime 🧐🤷‍♀️


“A judge declared a mistrial at the trial of the founders of on charges of facilitating prostitution and laundering money after deciding prosecutors had too many references to child sex trafficking in a case where no one faced such a charge”


NCOSE is coming for Twitter. It’s not a hidden agenda. They’re well-funded and aren’t going to stop here.

Religiously Inspired Group NCOSE Files FOSTA Lawsuit Against Twitter

I discovered there’s a spa near my new house offering an annual membership (use of the spa’s common areas) for less than it costs to order drip coffee & work from Starbucks every day. Guess who’s about to turn the spa into her office?
🎁 Gift Cards here:

“Real” GFE: We go mattress shopping, eat ceviche at a hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant, watch a movie on the couch, get it on, and then I put on the same lazy clothes I wore yesterday.

"The smell of her hair, the taste of her mouth, the feeling of her skin seemed to have got inside him, or into the air all around him. She had become a physical necessity." ~George Orwell, 1984

Today is the 21-year anniversary of the beginning of my indoctrination into the most toxic, albeit effectively lethal, fighting force in the world. I don’t think a more complicated, paradoxical combination of shame & pride is possible.

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