I feel like I owe an explanation about my “disappearance” but am not sure what to say, other than I am dealing with some very difficult things in my non-Andra life right now. Thank you to those who have checked in on me.

This is my trifecta week: Marine Corps birthday, Veterans Day, and my birthday 🎉🥳

I declined a request 70% b/c his references rubbed me the wrong way and 30% b/c, when asked why he reached out to me specifically (very different from his references), he said, “No rhyme or reason. Just saw your ad.” Takeaways: 1. The company you choose to keep matters. 2. Ew.

So much time and energy in this industry is put into “being seen”—the aesthetic. Imagine how different things might be if we put that much time and energy into genuinely SEEING—being present with, holding space for, listening deeply to—others.

Who can guess where I’m going?!


Answer: My back yard. I’m scrubbing my pool. Womp, womp.

Going through old photos and found this. I’m not sure if it’s more cringeworthy that I deliberately took pictures with stuffed animals (I was doing promo w/ someone who had a VERY different vibe) or that I didn’t cut the tag off the underwear. Eek!

“Completion,” and boy is that on-target, for reasons I can’t even begin to explain. But then I wonder… is that because it’s truly salient for me right now, or because I can take nearly any word and make it a metaphor for my life? 🤔🤯

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Vibe check ✨
First word you see is what your vibration is a match to right now

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There’s too much lifing in my life right now. I miss you all.

Fancy clothes
Fancy dates
Primped and polished

Do monster truck sheets make me look sexy?

“But I don’t want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness, I want sin” (Huxley, 1932).

“I can be a monk wearing heels, so you can be who you are.”

This Buddhist Monk Is a Makeup Artist and an LGBTQ Activist | TIME time.com/6103204/kodo-nishimur

If I see just one post about clients or potential clients behaving badly, it’s one post too many. Don’t settle. You deserve every Michelin star of respect.

The theme for my life this week: “Things money can’t buy.”
- More time in the day.
- Peace of mind.
- Control over ___.
- Good timing.
- Trust.

My kink is getting “live agents” to go off-script in customer support chats

I’m the weirdo who asks, “What are your deepest, darkest secrets?” instead of, “What do you do for work?” while eating finger foods at the happy hour mixer, because INTJ 😆

I'm just here for the responses 👀👏

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"Newguy" - Ques for companions - "I'm new to all of this and don't have any references. I'm unable to give out any of my personal information due to my job. Is there a process or accomodation for men in my predicament? I'm a safe, clean respectful man. What can I do?"

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“You need to be able to look at yourself without judgment.” This really is a great story; honest, shameless, raw. youtu.be/2jixgtCV1Jk

My partner wasn’t exactly elated that I left only a single spoonful of Nutella in the last jar. Today I received this text: “Hey I picked up some Rat Poison for the house. Make sure you don’t grab it by mistake, K?” with this picture 😂☠️

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