Fancy clothes
Fancy dates
Primped and polished

Do monster truck sheets make me look sexy?

“But I don’t want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness, I want sin” (Huxley, 1932).

“I can be a monk wearing heels, so you can be who you are.”

This Buddhist Monk Is a Makeup Artist and an LGBTQ Activist | TIME

If I see just one post about clients or potential clients behaving badly, it’s one post too many. Don’t settle. You deserve every Michelin star of respect.

The theme for my life this week: “Things money can’t buy.”
- More time in the day.
- Peace of mind.
- Control over ___.
- Good timing.
- Trust.

My kink is getting “live agents” to go off-script in customer support chats

I’m the weirdo who asks, “What are your deepest, darkest secrets?” instead of, “What do you do for work?” while eating finger foods at the happy hour mixer, because INTJ 😆

I'm just here for the responses 👀👏


"Newguy" - Ques for companions - "I'm new to all of this and don't have any references. I'm unable to give out any of my personal information due to my job. Is there a process or accomodation for men in my predicament? I'm a safe, clean respectful man. What can I do?"


“You need to be able to look at yourself without judgment.” This really is a great story; honest, shameless, raw.

My partner wasn’t exactly elated that I left only a single spoonful of Nutella in the last jar. Today I received this text: “Hey I picked up some Rat Poison for the house. Make sure you don’t grab it by mistake, K?” with this picture 😂☠️

I used an app to find the best angle for my solar panels at my geographic coordinates and then freakishly remembered SOHCAHTOA to figure how high to prop them up. My high school geometry teacher would be proud.

My moments are rarely mine. Like most people, I sacrifice them to my work, to my family, to deadlines, to the Imposter inside me…

Not right now. This moment is mine. This moment is mine. This moment is mine.

Now it’s your turn. Take back one of your moments.

If I could go back to pre-SW me and give myself some advice, it would be this: start sooner. I wasted too much prime time on college hook-ups and dutch dinner dates. Don’t do that.


Abs are nice but do you know what is really attractive?

- emotional intelligence
- drive
- growth mindsets
- authenticity
- self awareness
- vulnerability
- empathy
- communication


I just added this book to my Amazon Wishlist. Maybe if a few others do the same, we can discuss it on a Zoom call? Open to all. Comment below if you’re interested.

Review: “The Right to Sex” Probes the Politics of Desirability | The New Republic

Send soup! 🤒

COVID tests are negative (yes, I’m vaxxed). I’m living on Emergen-C and elderberry syrup.

You could be enjoying this unedited photo, but you’re not subscribed to my Fansly 🤷‍♀️


There's nothing like making a $119,169.36 bank wire to a title company to make you think, "Well $hit, I should probably seriously consider going back to that 'upscale' persona, b/c my savings account is now toast." On the bright side, I close on the new house on Thursday! 😭 + 🥳

I need more companion friends in Phoenix. Can you please tag your favorite AZ ladies here? 🙏

You attract people by the qualities you display. You keep them by the qualities you possess.

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