Where would SW twitter be without the ✨ emoji??

Guys will really look at our website, photos, ads, social media and bc we ask for a crumb of screening be like hmmm idk seems fake to me 🤷🏻‍♂️ then turn around and book someone w 1 potato quality photo and zero web presence to avoid screening. You lot really want to get busted huh

Celebrating my mom’s birthday this weekend and got her this gorgeous mink scarf + headband. Truly cannot wait to see her reaction 🥺

If a client surprised you with a pair of designer shoes even though you really wanted some land what would you do? 🤔

Please tell me why I just talked to this civvie man on the phone and he goes on and on about being respectful and old-fashioned and then at the end of the call he says he won’t meet me unless I send a lingerie pic—

If I hire a housekeeper is it inappropriate to ask them to scoop the litter box?

What about a pet sitting service?

Can you tell I hate cleaning the litter boxes 😑😑

I’m pleased to announce that I actually finished the spinach and arugula in my fridge before they spoiled.

I’d like to thank Mariano’s for their fresh af produce and myself, for deleting doordash on my phone therefore forcing myself to eat groceries 😪🙏

What kind of soup should I make for lunch?👩🏻‍🍳🍲

Clients - let’s end this debate once and for all, does it bother you if providers post pictures of trips, dinners, gifts, etc? 🥂✈️👠

I’ve started telling potential clients “refer to my last email” / “as per my last email” if they don’t answer my questions and wow...it’s satisfying.

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