Why haven’t you booked yet? 🤔

2020 is my last year seeing new clients. Book that , come visit me in Chicago/NYC, allow me to plan a night out, or stop by for a quick introduction 🤗

NYC Nov 11-15


Has anyone finished a Duolingo course? What’s your proficiency like?

I’m not aiming towards fluency but strong conversational skills would be great for travel. So far I’m about 25% through Spanish and beginning Italian.

I lost my beloved air pods either at the airport or in an uber 😢 if someone would be so kind to replace them I would be forever grateful and reward you accordingly 🥰❤️

I added them to my wishlist amzn.to/2pade3i

Does anyone else get a ridiculous amount of WhatsApp texts from men all over the world like “I will be traveling to the US in a months time, send me photos to be sure it’s you, I want to book for 7 days” or is it just me??

Providers- would you take an appointment from a new client who is trying to pay the entire sum electronically? (Via a payment app) 💳

NYC November 11-15 😊 catch me on what may be my last tour


for RT

Ok can Autumn hurry it up? I have a new cape I’m trying to wear 🍂🥴

Clients-- how many of you have booked an appointment (and followed through) with a SW in the last 12 months? Don’t worry, it’s anonymous 😅💁🏻‍♀️

Please RT 😊

Would you like to sponsor my upcoming photoshoot? 🖤

Each patron will receive a set of unpublished photos and the sum of their donation off of a date (including travel and fmty) 🤗


Email for other options Hello@AuroraNoor.com


If I see one more “I’m a humble hooker and would rather wear bread bags on my feet than Loubs!!1!” I’m retiring

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