I feel...instead of complaining about how much it sucks that you have to thoroughly screen, how about you direct that energy into helping this profession become decriminalized and safe. Instead of sending condolences to sex workers, how about actually doing something that would decrease the amount that you have to.

Ask yourself this, did you even attempt to fight against fosta/sesta? Next time you complain about screening, just stop to think about how insensitive and selfish it sounds.

@Amorousangelica nobody should be complaining about screening... that's just male privilege talking


It is. I don't even debate about it, I just don't see them. But it does still sting. I am human and it hurts being told that basically someone wants access to my body and all the good that I have to offer but does not trust me enough with even their full name. They see this as a burden but, how? Does it compare to my heavy heart? Sigh.

@Amorousangelica All I can say is, don't let it get to you. Guys like that aren't serious, and you shouldn't waste a second of your precious life and vitality feeling bad about the fact that they can't be real about what they want

Unfortunately this is the industry I am in so it DOES get to me because these behaviors affect my livelihood. But like I said, I don't debate about it with those guys because it is a waste

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