I just tried to pay my phone bill & found out that I couldn’t bc my cc was restricted. Law enforcement got a hold of my credit card because I posted on a site to advertise my ad.

@AmeenaBeMinesSF dang I'm so sorry I had that happen to me before too... after that I only used prepaid credit cards that I can afford to lose

@AmeenaBeMinesSF that’s very scary... how many ad posters used a CC they still rely on with any of those sites... :(

Good luck, I hope you get clear of that ASAP.

@AmeenaBeMinesSF Oh shit. I hope you don't live at the same address as your paper trail. They might be coming for you.

@AmeenaBeMinesSF Thats awful!!!! All because the government can't make any money off of you legally.... smh

@alyssarose @AmeenaBeMinesSF Says the ignorant. A lot of us pay taxes. It's important. It's how they caught capone after all.

@AmeenaBeMinesSF Whaatt! I have never even thought of that. I'm sorry that that happened to you. Fuck that. I'm glad that I know about this now though.

@AmeenaBeMinesSF Just read your profile. I'm confused is it your bank or CC that's locked?

@AmeenaBeMinesSF I was wondering would things like that happen, was your bank able to assist you?

@AmeenaBeMinesSF Thank you for that thread!! You're a gem, and I'm sure you'll get every dime back. Those childish jerks hate it when you don't need them to thrive. Smh. ⚘⚘⚘⚘

@AmeenaBeMinesSF I had a prepaid card company, (Greendot), close my account because I was using it to pay ads. I recommend getting a prepaid card like BlueBird, it’s free but, not all company accept AMEX.

@Histgrad @AmeenaBeMinesSF I
Can you tell me what site and if the bank told you this or if you just assumed because I have used my card on manybnew sites since this mess started


they would need a warrent for that and you would have needed to be arrested or at least questioned before that would happen.

@ambernite @AmeenaBeMinesSF

a few states will pull you over and if they think anything is suspicious have a card reader they will swipe all your cards through, and lock up your accounts. bank, credit or prepaid.

@AmeenaBeMinesSF What was it about the site that made it illegal to post your ad?

Holy shit Sweetheart !
I'm so sorry .... :(
Did you post on an ad with the cred card info? Wondering how they tracked you....?
Confused .... Sorry ....
Pm me if you want....
I hope you are ok now !
Hugs ! Zena


Hate to hear when bad things happen to cool peeps. I hope you are able to get it worked out!!

@AmeenaBeMinesSF Damn Ameena. Sorry to hear about your troubles. Seems so petty what law enforcements doing to the industry.

@oscarthegrouch don’t be sorry baby, it’s not your fault that LE wants to take from us since they cannot date us 🤣

@AmeenaBeMinesSF Wow! Did this get fixed? Card flagged or deactivated? Are you US based?

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