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Anyone who’s been following me from day one can tell you that Ameena has had a tough time getting a switter date. Took a lil over 2 months & it was sooo worth the wait! I say that to say this; do not give up, let your personality shine, be yourself, don’t change any restrictions u have and trusssst me that swittcherry will be popped!

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Wanna use switter on an app instead of web? Download these awesome apps that will make life easier!

[ Amaroq ) has worked best for me on IPhone

( Tootdon ] for iPhone (except all of your data is saved within the app)

[ Mastalab ) works best for Androids as I’ve heard from switterers.

💘 toot & boost .

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Heyyy switthearts💋💋

I am available now in San Jose, California, United States! To contact me, visit

Happy love month switthearts!!💕 I have so much in store for u all ☺️

if you ever get lost can find me .. ..if they purge sex workers hit me up i do have solutions
if u just want to chat or need other site info for SW ads and social media can hmu for that as well

stay safe and stay positive

This platform is about to get a lot busier very soon. The bird app is under attack again. Please let your colleagues and friends know.

@AmeenaBeMinesSF welcome back hope you are well 😘🤗❤️😍💵

🏡INCALL: Emeryville *Today Only (1/21/21)*

Don’t miss your chance of seeing the lovely Ameena!


laying in bed, listening to the sound of the rain , flicking my little bean 😝

Ameena is back!!! I am taking requests for which cities you all would love to see me in.

Choose your poison 😉

Damn I miss switter when it first popped off. So many bots on here.

Hoping everyone is staying safe during this worldly crisis!!!

I hope everyone is having a fun, yet safe, Memorial weekend ❤️🤍💙

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