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Anyone who’s been following me from day one can tell you that Ameena has had a tough time getting a switter date. Took a lil over 2 months & it was sooo worth the wait! I say that to say this; do not give up, let your personality shine, be yourself, don’t change any restrictions u have and trusssst me that swittcherry will be popped!

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Wanna use switter on an app instead of web? Download these awesome apps that will make life easier!

[ Amaroq ) has worked best for me on IPhone

( Tootdon ] for iPhone (except all of your data is saved within the app)

[ Mastalab ) works best for Androids as I’ve heard from switterers.

💘 toot & boost .

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Switter never notifies me when I have notifications. Any tips on how to fix this? I’ve deleted the app and downloaded it numerous times. *sigh

Checking in, how are you all holding up with the quarantine?

Due to COVID-19, I would like to advise companions to prebook in advance as I will not provide same day appointments. If you perhaps are feeling ill before a scheduled apt, please notify your provider as soon as possible. Rescheduling is always an option 😉


Hygiene is SUPER important especially during COVID-19. Let’s help each other not spread the virus by ensuring we’re constantly washing our hands and underneath our fingernails before and after every encounter 🙂 Also, be sure to come freshly showered as us providers are always making sure we are well groomed 😘

Please stop asking Santa for a good woman for Christmas. Santa tried to kidnap me 3x this week 🤣🤪🤣

Good Moaaaaaning 😝

Don’t be shy, say it back 😊

I know you all have missed the lovely Ameena😜 I’m glad to announce that I am taking appointments again! No more oral surgeries 🤗 except for yours 😏

✨Now accepting all new members✨

visit my website to expedite screening and more

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