I sure hope @theluciebee@twitter.com is being treated to some good old kiwi hospitality and is having a good time in !!

G’day Switter! It’s MistressEmelia from Twitter.

I’m the founder of Unobvious Technology (unobvious.technology / @UnobviousTechnology). We’re building tech for sex workers, our first product is PrivatePatrons (privatepatrons.com / @PrivatePatrons)

On the sex work side of things:
β€’ Subscribe: iwantfanclub.com/timeline/mist
β€’ Tribute: getindiebill.com/store/checkou

RT: @LiaraRoux "This is how @Twitter hurts sex workers by removing them from the discussion. On the left (red) is what I see, on the right (blue) is what the majority of twitter users see.

This is actually a really good metaphor for the entire nationwide discussion - sex workers left out."

I've been shadow banned on Twitter, but go and make some noise. This is an absolute disgrace

Feature update:
You can now list when you are working on listings.switter.at/
The wonderful @j popped this together literally in a few hours so we are still making improvements.

- use the hashtag
- list your location (you need to actually write "location: canberra" not just the location.
- list your contact info

Please only post once or twice per day.

Simply type in your area. :)

We understand that Switter can be a bit confusing to use and we are looking at it!

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Logged in to see @switter has surpassed 10K users -- and keeps growing! Congrats @lolahunt and everyone at @AssemblyFour.

Hello ladies
Nice to be here, Thank you for the invite 😚


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