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📅Schedule Update~May 11-20📅

11: 4pm-2am
12: 4pm-2am
13: 5pm-12
14: 4pm-12
15: 4pm-12

May 16:
I will have availability, please inquire with notice to secure a booking for this day.

17: 6pm-12
18: 4pm-2am
19: 4pm-2am
20: 5pm-12am


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On my way to @VaughanSpa for my

Come welcome me back loves💕💕

I'll be @ 566 Rivermead Rd unit # 1 in from 6:00pm till 2:00am!

Go check out my profile on @VIPFavours

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Hello loves,
I am Miss Allysa Jayden


📱(text) (647)825-8519

Website being rebuilt soon.
Please inquire for rates & restrictions with screening info

Phone Number
Call type
Prefered date & time

Spa schedule be up tomorrow 😘

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Just finished recovering my old website text page by page.. Now to figure out what to do to get it back up & running.. Without it disappearing...

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Now to rewrite my ads with new info, & post them on whatever advertising thats free is left till I get back on my feet.
Reinstate my old site & hope it doesn't go poof too

I went for surgery March 23 & caught some super flu in the hospital, ended up in ER for 27 hours, was admitted to hospital & under isolation for 5 days. I'm glad to be home.

Now trying to do damage control after losing my new site & the backpage shutdown...everything feels so upside down, My head hurts 😌

I've blocked 10 spam accounts on here in 24 hrs & they just keep popping back up.. 😒😒

Hello there,
I know it's cold out & such a busy time of year, but we all need to pamper ourselves

Come see me at my private space for your own little getaway, or let's plan a night together for me to pamper your every need & get lost in time with eachother
If you can't book & you wanted to get me a gift, I would love some Amazon. ca Giftcards, Madam Glam GC, Lush GC, or something off my wishlist.

So here's my costume for the @AllegraEscorts

Come say hi to the "smoking hot nun" walking around the party 😜

See you on the 25th😎

🎶My church offers no absolutes
She tells me "worship in the bedroom"🎶

I have added some items to my wishlist needed to beautify my incall space, some organizational items & some items that will help add my special touch & flare to my space.

If you purchase something, send me a message & let me know so I can thank you


Ok loves,
My place is back together & ready to entertain clients in, finally after so long my place looks normal again!
I will have availability starting Tuesday!
I'm taking prebookings starting today for dates this week.

T~ 5pm-11pm
W~ 5pm-11pm
T~ 4pm-12am
F~ 4pm-1am
S~ 4pm-1am
S~ 4pm-11pm

Let's have some fun in my private "freshly renovated" personal incall space, which is now "tobacco smoke free".

I finally got my vanity set up in my bedroom

(the beast wouldn't fit in my bathroom) it's freshly oiled & looking beautiful.

I can't wait to get all my stuff in it!

Next project restoring my dresser that's older than me..

My freshly painted bathroom. It looks so nice I can't wait to show this off to my clients.

The kitchen is getting a deep clean,

My 1940's vanity is set up & ready to be oiled & put together for all my makeup & beauty products.
I'll post pics once it's all together & organized. 😍😍😍

My incall space is almost back together omg! I can't wait to show off my hard work I've done painting

Also gonna be offering duos soon with a very good friend of mine..

Details to come soon enough.

It is an absolute fucking miracle that I was able to book a hotel for 5 days during TIFF, so gentleman let's make good use of it once I check in

Available at my personal incall Friday, limited time on Saturday.

Schedule for Monday Sept. 10-Friday Sept. 14 to be posted soon

Ok loves, it's brutal honesty time.

In the next few days I need to get as many bookings as possible as my moron of a landlord picked just before TIFF to ask me to get a hotel so the interior repairs of my unit can be done.
I checked hotel prices today & I choked.

I will make sure I'm available as much as possible for bookings in the next coming days.

I don't normally air my personal issues on here but this is unavoidable, please if your looking to book me now would be really super helpful.

Welcome to Tryst. Raising the bar for sex workers around the world. Coming soon.

Hey Swithearts, Australian ABC journalist @flintdux is looking to chat to sex workers from the US using Switter for a story.

If you'd like to have a chat, DM him or e-mail him here:

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US Sign ups are on hold for the moment due to legislation. Stay tuned though, we're working on it

Attempting to wipe out "u avail?" This is our enquiry template which automatically appears when a client enquires. Featuring @emmafrostxe

Hey fam! Just in case you got a text or email from a site called VIP Tryst. This 100% isn’t us and isn’t affiliated with us. ✌🏻

NSFW- suggestive content 

Hello darlings,
I know I have been absent for a while & I hated it 😘
My new profile is up & running!

I can't wait to get back to having fun with my regulars & meeting lovely, respectful new gentlemen

You can meet the woman of your dreams or fly me to you, allow me sooth your mind, body & tantalize your senses!

@AllysaJayden Hi Allysa. Thanks for the follow. I'm in Toronto all the time. Last visit I stayed at One King West. Cool property. Nice area. Perhaps our paths will cross. Be well.

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