Sex work is a time-honored tradition. If we wish for it to continue, and even progress, we must support each other with pride. We must lovingly mentor one another without the expectation of benefiting from it. We must see the act of giving a reference as a joyful act of service to other providers and as a compliment from the client who gave our contact information. We must celebrate one another. We must do all we can to protect our industry. It will be around for long after we are all gone.

Well I'm in Redding, CA. The carr fire, they didn't think it could jump the Sacramento River. It did.

Around 10 PM power went out. 10 minutes later, mandatory evac, and poorly organized. I walked for 2 hours to get to the evac place because I do not drive and neighbors left w/o me and no busses.

I'm alive, sleeping outside tonight but alive. Hopefully my belongings at home aren't ashes, I hope they stop the fire.

Allegedly started by dangling chain on a truck that threw sparks.

It's fascinating how much porn changes through the years.

Occasionally I like dirty old man porn. Just searched today - and it's clearly changed.

15 years ago, it was old guys getting it on with barely legal. But now, it's guys my age getting it on with barely legal...

Just be clear I'm not saying don't use bots, just that when using them, make sure the same string isn't used on multiple accounts that are presented as real people.

That can turn people off really fast.

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tip - Be careful when using bots - it can make the user believe you are not a real person and decide not to follow. For example - it's blatantly clear those accounts are at least partially controlled by bots.

So what's the point in clients interacting with them?

If you code and are bothered by being bought my Microsoft, I wrote a simple guide on how to set up your own git server so it is never under management of a centralized server again.

And another wonky photo, cuz I'm a little tipsy. This is when I went to a drag mandatory party and ended up looking like a scary Sandy Duncan. You youngins won't understand.

My birthday is in ten days! Are you going to send me a surprise from my ?


When men tell women to smile I remember that primates bare their teeth to display submissiveness.

Anyway. Don’t smile for men.

an article I wrote on my new "safe for work" blog about trackers and Web 2.0 -

I mentioned and linked to near the bottom :D

I really like the concept and believe it is part of the solution to the problem I have seen in what the web has become.

The linked blog does not have any trackers.

RT Drs, lawyers and other professionals have a board determined set of standards set for them by the highest ranking professionals in their fields. Their clients don’t set these standards. Until you allow PROVIDERS to set the standards, your endeavors to review us are unethical.

if your version of feminism doesn't support sex workers, are you really a feminist?

"The most exquisite pleasure is giving pleasure to others." Jean de La Bruyere 💋


*Please keep in mind that screening is required, and I do not respond to one-line or anonymous inquires.

Location: Las Vegas, NV

The plugin header stuff is just there for my testing, it must be loaded before a theme can use it so the easiest way is to just put the file in your theme source and require it in your theme code.

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If you develop themes that use Google Fonts - please consider using the linked class (single gist file on ) to do so.

Not only does it make it easier, but it gives webmasters the option to define a google font mirror (in their wp-config.php) that doesn't track users w/o needing to edit the theme file(s).

I haven't been around for a few days - well, I've set up a new WordPress blog -
I don't particularly like WordPress (the code) but it is very dominant within the Sex Worker community, so I'm hoping to provide ways to allow those who run it to do so with better security and better privacy.

#tobacco #pipe #smoking 

I am rather frustrated right now. I switched from cigarettes to pipe tobacco because California keeps jacking up the price of cigarettes.

Was using a glass 420 pipe but it tarred up quickly, difficult to clean.

Bought two different tobacco pipes from tobacco shop. Both in under a few weeks developed fine cracks.

Basically cheap imported Chinese shit. I'm sure China makes some good ones, just not these.

Where does one get QUALITY tobacco pipes?

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