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Gradually adding follows to this account from my previous Mastodon residence (

they basically need all of WordPress, but by making abstract classes that do not use WordPress defined functions, I can at least write unit tests for the bulk of the plugin *as well* as having the ability to re-use those classes elsewhere.

Well, time to start testing the gravatar privacy fixes...

Right now only obfuscates the e-mail hash, gravatar still tracks. An alternate service will take time.


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For example, it needs to be able to extract a e-mail address to hash from a postid because WordPress wants to do that sometimes.

The extended class is then called by my replacement for the `get_avatart()` function.

One of the nice things about an abstract class and an extended class is I can easily unit test the abstract class with phpunit - unit testing WordPress plugins are hard because 5/

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So - I created a generic class called "groovtar" in my namespace. It does not depend upon any WordPress functions, and I wrote it so that I could use it elsewhere - and eventually change the url for the avatar to something that doesn't track but I may have to create such a service. If I do, generated avatars will be SVG.

Anyway - I then extend that Groovytar class to make WordPressGroovytar that has the WordPress specific functions.


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So - the WordPress function that does that is `get_avatar()` in the `pluggable.php` file. I use to have a plugin that fixed that issue by salting the hash first, but that was years ago and WordPress bastardized how the gravatar functions work.

I really wish WordPress just used actual namespaced classes for stuff like this, but it doesn't.


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The problem with Gravatar is that it's a tracking nightmare. Not only does use third party tracking cookies, but the avatar is based on an unsalted md5 hash of the user's e-mail address making it easy for *anyone* to discover the e-mail address of who made what comments on a WordPress blog. 2/

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Few days I ago I started working on a plugin.

Please understand I'm not really a fan of WordPress, this is very rare for me to work on a plugin.

Already it does nonce's better (what WordPress calls a nonce does not meet the definition) and does passwords better (argon2id) - right now I'm working on the gravatar part. 1/

@AliceWonder I'm not sure you can just limit corporate speech, though, because the corporations (or rather, the people behind them) will just find other ways to exert their influence. And since the speech limitations will be enacted by a corporation-controlled government, I'm pretty sure you'll find that what ends up happening is that the most powerful corporations don't end up limited at all, but the smaller, less influential corporations or individuals are.

Did you know:

- you can be a fantastic person just by helping someone else?

- you should make sure to stay hydrated during your day?

- you should be treated with respect, especially by your friends and people who love you?

I hope your day is great!! :frog: :frog:

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Erika is one of my favorite operators.

Call her to find out why.

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and other tweaks for - still very alpha. But damn, it's been years since I created anything for WordPress. is offering $25,000 to each of the first 10 sex workers who come forward with hard evidence of any politician who voted YES on FOSTA / SESTA engaging their services.

"It's really cool to be alive in America at this point in history because it's like the collapse of the Roman Empire, but with wi-fi."

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Okay, I quickly hacked together a way to search listings. It's very primitive but it's something.

This is subject to change! Please refer to to see how to make a toot that appears on the list.

Please boost and share.

Thanks for everyone who's been helping us moderator @switter by reporting content that's against our rules.

Just finished clearing out the moderation queue, and we're looking good!

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