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The computer I must admit is very interesting, but I suspect this company would have made more money if they advertised the European Models at the beginning of the sales pitch instead of the end.

This is important:

"Current EU Copyright Review threatens Free and Open Source Software.
Take action now to preserve the ability to collaboratively build software online!"


We're already had over a hundred listings already!

And we're getting close to 100k toots. A HUNDRED THOUSAND TOOTS.

In ten days. That's ten thousand toots a day.

@mprice104 I love rainy walks on the beach. You gotta when you're born in the north of spain hahahah

@AliceWonder Absolutely!👍 Decriminalizing prostitution is the only way.

I have reported child trafficking off another platform other than BP and Cracker, but if we can't look out for each other then a vital line of defense has been lost. Especially if there are repercussions for those who are only trying to help!

We are a community and they have underestimated our cohesive nature. Trafficking needs to stop but they have to ask the right people how to do it. They haven't yet.

#PHP #webdev #wordpress not adult 

Pointing out things like that though always gets me in trouble with the WordPress devs.

I get into arguments with them.

Oh well. 5/5

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#PHP #webdev #wordpress not adult 

Also, almost everything in plugable.php belongs in a class as a public static function - not as a defined function that other plugins can redefine.

How can you trust that the wp_rand() function is doing the right thing if it can redefined by another plugin?

You can't. That makes it a worthless function that plugin developers should not call because it can not be trusted. 4/

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The issue is that those parameters are often generated by something else. If what was generated is not an integer, then that something else that generated them has a bug.

The best way to get the attention of the developer is to throw an exception, not compensate for what is buggy output and could be seriously wrong. 3/

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#PHP #webdev #wordpress not adult 

What they do there, they recast the $min and $max as integers. They should not do that.

If the supplied parameters are not already integers, they should either throw TypeError or InvalidArgumentException 2/

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#PHP #webdev #wordpress not adult 

The image is from the wordpress pluggable.php file. It demonstrates a fundamental philosophical difference I have with many PHP developers. 1/

RT Shutting down does not save trafficked children. It forces that child to be trafficked in more dangerous circumstances. Pushing it out of light only makes it so YOU don't see it. It's still there. Do better.




I will be on @KEMTopTalk LIVE!!
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A wordpress plugin I wrote ages ago and then abandoned - - my only plugin install-able via WordPress (have a few others that were custom jobs)

Been so long since I wrote a plugin (I loathe WordPress) I kind of need to take something that works (or worked, may not anymore) and redo it before I create the CSP plugin.

Looking at the code there, I'm a bit embarrassed - smartAvaSaltShaker() works but I think I was high. Why did I do it that way?

If you haven’t already looked at my ManyVids, please do. I’ve got some cute bondage videos, and a Harry Potter spanking cosplay video for sale. I know you’ll love what you find!

Thought for the day.
When we help one another instead of trying to be cliquish and tear one another down, we all get a lot further.


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I changed my @ handle here compared to Twitter/IG, someone stole my content and changed one letter in the user name demanding bitcoin from my followers.

Not sure if I should keep it the same or not? What do you all think?

I sometimes feel like I'm being annoying with my posts until I check myself and realize that's why people are following me...

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