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I am rather frustrated right now. I switched from cigarettes to pipe tobacco because California keeps jacking up the price of cigarettes.

Was using a glass 420 pipe but it tarred up quickly, difficult to clean.

Bought two different tobacco pipes from tobacco shop. Both in under a few weeks developed fine cracks.

Basically cheap imported Chinese shit. I'm sure China makes some good ones, just not these.

Where does one get QUALITY tobacco pipes?

The github project is here:

The goal is an alternative to Gravatar that does not track people, and that anyone can run - e.g. so if you run a blog for homeless teens and don't even want to risk IP based tracking, it it would be easy to set up your own identicon server rather than use third party hosted.

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I'm working on an identicon project - that takes an arbitrary string, creates an obfuscated 128-bit hash, and then creates an SVG avatar from it.

Right now working on the pictograph version (four rows of four pictographs) - want 32 pictographs from pre-industrial civilizations, just finished the seventh. It's starting to look like a decent identicon :D

The purpose of this gymnastics is to make it very difficult to figure out what the original string used to generate the identicon was.

Anyway right now working on the Geometry variant - which will have 16 shapes on the produced SVG (four different circles plus ???)

After the geometry, I will need to make one for frogs and toads, and one for monsters.

I'm creating a privacy aware alternative to Gravatar.

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I'm working on an identicon server - that generates SVG identicons from an obfuscated string.

The string is intended to be a hex hash but I'm writing it so it can be anything.

If it is a hex hash, it's converted to raw. If not a hex hash, md5 of it is taken and converted to raw.

ripemd160 is taken of raw and tiger128 is taken of ripemd160 to give the identicon parameters.

Screening is required. It’s harmless, I promise. ☺️

@jordyd Ogg Vorbis is so five years ago, Ogg Opus is where it's at...

So it's been ~8 years since I checked last and I'm wondering: do Ogg Vorbis files actually play now?

Do you support #NetNeutrality?

Do you live in California?

Today is your chance to show support online for #SB822, which gives the state some of the strongest protections in the country.

Feature update:
You can now list when you are working on
The wonderful @j popped this together literally in a few hours so we are still making improvements.

- use the hashtag
- list your location (you need to actually write "location: canberra" not just the location.
- list your contact info

Please only post once or twice per day.

Simply type in your area. :)

@szbalint When I create captions for audios, I like to include emojis in the captions because deaf friends have told me the emojis help give them context, similar to the way facial expressions do when signing with a friend - and I imagine similar to how vocal inflections do when we hear the audio I am creating captions for.

This is amazing, we evolved the alphabet from pictograms to highly stylized characters to letters and now we're going full circle by incorporating emojis such as 🐂 that thousands of years earlier became "a" and 🐟 that became "d"

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When it comes to salts - if the same salt is to be used multiple times, the salt needs to be at least a 256-bit salt. I just use a base64 encoding of a 256-bit random number (44 characters including the = passing at end). There's nothing to be gained from special characters like }]# etc. - the entropy is what matters. Just generate a random 256-bit number and base64 (or hex) encode it.

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