tip - Be careful when using bots - it can make the user believe you are not a real person and decide not to follow. For example - it's blatantly clear those accounts are at least partially controlled by bots.

So what's the point in clients interacting with them?

I'm working on an identicon project - that takes an arbitrary string, creates an obfuscated 128-bit hash, and then creates an SVG avatar from it.

Right now working on the pictograph version (four rows of four pictographs) - want 32 pictographs from pre-industrial civilizations, just finished the seventh. It's starting to look like a decent identicon :D

#phonesex #adult #nsfw 

Erika is one of my favorite operators.

Call her to find out why.


The computer I must admit is very interesting, but I suspect this company would have made more money if they advertised the European Models at the beginning of the sales pitch instead of the end.

#PHP #webdev #wordpress not adult 

The image is from the wordpress pluggable.php file. It demonstrates a fundamental philosophical difference I have with many PHP developers. 1/

Hello, if you are a Operator, I have a free resource - naughty.audio/

You can upload teaser audios for your potential customers to sample, and if you have high quality commercial audios, you can upload samples of those too and they will link to where those audios can be purchase.

For more information, please see naughty.audio/docs/EFP

I have an e-mail address there you can use to contact me for more information.

#Adult #Podcast 

Tonight at 9PM Eastern (US) / 6PM Pacific - join Princess Andi for her free podcast, The Westpot - spreaker.com/show/the-wetspot-

Chat accompanies the podcast at communitykink.com/

Free but Adults only

She isn't on SWitter (or any mastodon instance AFAIK, not yet) but she is one of the true heroes of the marketing/support industry.

If you are a - I recommend you at least visit her site, and follow her twitter.


50 years ago today, one of the greatest men this country has ever seen was shot.

I want his dream and vision fulfilled.

This may be of value to the and members of the community - or to the women here :)

It's a VS giveaway promotional


This is why we need . Mozart had a sister. She too was a prodigy, and in fact was established as one before he was.

But our patriarchal culture has written her out of history, very few know about her.

That's just wrong.


I have an unusual passion for , it is part of my and it is . Not to say all autistics are snake lovers or reverse, but we really get passionate about certain things.

So... don't look at these images if snakes freak you out, trigger warning. A wild gophersnake from Mt Diablo, and the price I paid for handling it... ;)

Kink Podcast - sissy, feminization, toxic masulinity 

Tonight at 11PM Eastern join Harper for Whore School - a free adult sex education podcast. She's going to talk about sissies, feminization, and toxic masculinity.

spreaker.com/show/whore-school is the link for where the show will take place.

communitykink.com/ is for the free chat that accompanies the show.

Credit to this observation I believe goes to @lilah_sturges@twitter

Luke barely knew Ben Kenobi when he died. Leia witnessed the death of everyone on her planet.

Yet it is Leia giving emotional support to Luke in the movie.

That's often how our patriarchal society views women, their pain is secondary to that of men.

at large - is there a particular instance that is well suited for ?

Picture below is not porn, despite me coming from so it is flagged as sensitive.

And it is mine - but also cc0 at pixabay.com/en/southern-desert

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