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Hey, the sun came out today. Did we beat Winter? ☀️

I've been working so hard recently. It feels really good to put all the foundations in place to have a really good year.

Whoever thought white panties were a good idea...? 😍💧👀

So I dyed my white panties pink, I think the washing machine knows.

I really have a soft spot in my heart for foot fetishists.

I've done a little clean-up over on my . Go take a look 👀 (Did you even know I had one?)

Feeling pretty good today. Sunday sunshine will do that do you.

Feeling on top of the world. Can't wait to be a little bachelorette of science! (i.e. can't wait for this all to be over so I can party/slut it up for a month.)

I feel really pretty tonight, must be because Been talking to a certain cute babe, made my world a little brighter. 💋❤️

Guess who found a domme to play with? One hell of a night. Fuck me up for five hours straight again please 😈

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