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Available today 4-9 only
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Whew...Just unfollowed everyone that wasn't following back!

✨Delightfully charming and pleasing to the eye✨

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So what do you do when the bosses tell you the project is waaayyy behind and everyone needs to work at least 6 days/60 hours a week? Well, this guy schedules a switter date with his ATF! Started with a nice glass of wine and some conversation with a great view overlooking the city(not to mention how great she looked). The rest of the date I’ll leave up to your imagination. Until next time... you know who you are 😉😘😍🔥♥️

Available ❤️Available❤️ Available!
Hey y'all I'm in Houston and haven't had a session in over a week! Would anyone like to schedule with me? ???

Trying to save for 🎓college tuition... procuring a bachelor's in science
and for sale!
email me at:

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