I'm 5'2. 5'6 to 5'7 in heels. Please don't claim your 6ft. Medium build when you're actually. 5'9 250lb. you thought I was going to be blind when I showed up. SMH. no I won't laugh in your face... I'll wait until I get in the Uber on my way home...

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@Adriannaazzure lol, men almost always say to me “wow, you really are tall!” When in my profile or when they ask I tell them I’m 5’10” barefoot. Shorter men should only contact me if you are into a) boobs in your face at hug time and b) 5 miles of leg wrapped around you. But I’ve had one or two insecure ones pop by and act weird before🙄

@LalalandVanessa haha. I guess it goes both ways. I'd love to spend 1 day being 5'10. Even my big gal shoes only get me to 5'7. I'd love to be boob height to you💋💋💋💋

@Adriannaazzure haha, you are absolutely beautiful - and you’re about the same height as a girl friend of mine that motorboats me after a drink or two...every time

@LalalandVanessa @Adriannaazzure ladies, boobs in my face is s fantasy of mine. At 5 10 I have maybe missed that opportunity.

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