I will not be active here for the time being. Visit my website for further information

Xbiz just did a piece on our awesome community!
Sex Workers Fight Back Against SESTA With Switter

I checked with godaddy and they assured me the 3 sites are fine as they are hosted out of Asia. Why does it worry me that when I check on line it says “Arizona” instead of Asia?

I am jumping in and out of switter/twitter.. it’s funny.. I feel like switter feed is like twitter but on steroids 😂😂😂

I ask that because I noticed when I block someone I can still see their feed .. wonder if it works differently here

When you block a user here can they see your content?

Hey guys! Just a quick note. Switter is NOT based in the US. Our servers are OUTSIDE the US and we are ensuring that Switter won't be effected by SESTA/FOSTA. We are using a CDN for safety which is what many sites also use. Please spread this. There is a lot of misinformation going around.

I just want to post this, so that some day we can all look back and laugh at the fact that there was once a time where switter only had 6000 members.

I think I have followed everyone back that has followed me. Bare if we I will double check and if I have not I will refollow. Still getting the hang of it x

The follow/ unfollow button here is confusing. I never know if I have followed or unfollowed someone. I have to manually check they list 😩
Time consuming 🤨

Decided to look through switter feed.. omg.. it’s full on! I though twitter was full on 😂😂😂

For people new to , some on mastadon compared to twitter:
1. Toot = tweet
2. boost = retweet
3. favorite = like
4. No general , use hashtags!
5. local timeline == only switter
6. federated timeline == can contain stuff from other mastadon servers

The adult industry is one of the most resourceful one out there and I am so glad to be a part of it. I hope every member of our community migrates and teaches twitter a lesson. They grew on our memberships worldwide and they will feel the void when we leave permanently

a couple of ladies trying to join are not receiving confirmation links. Is there some sort of a glitch? ( no they checked spam folder)

Of course now that I said that, I will get shadowbanned on the otherside" 😂

So good to see so many familiar faces quickly here! and I am glad i didn't get shadowbanned on twitter when i pinned my post for this platform!

What is AWOO mode? It says there is a $350 penalty if turned on under settings?

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