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I'm getting ready to fail my intro to business course.

Wanna help out your favorite dean's lister with supplies?
Send an Amazon GC to addyfinch@ gmail. com
~or even better~
Set me up with an Amazon Allowance!

Some of you are gonna be Big Mad you didn't become a regular before four years of rate hikes come all at once.
There's still time.

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I just updated my tours on my profile! Catch me in Montreal, Chicago, and Washington DC soon. To pre-book, visit

Let's start the new year right!
These are my LAST trips through town before rates go up for 2020!

: now - Jan 6th
: Jan 7th - 9th
: Jan 16th - 19th
: ???

All other dates in !
dates in EVERY CITY!

If you don't wanna screen via traditional methods because you're "a good guy who wouldn't hurt" me, you have the option to screen by mailing me $10,000 cash.

Trust me. I'm a good girl who wouldn't rob you blind.

You motherfuckers wanna know my real name so badly?! My *dead* name??? FINE!!


Charles Dickums.

Me: Great 😊 All that's left to secure our time is the 25% deposit.


I wanna know all your "weird" kinks so I can do 'em with you.

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That post-photoshoot don't-talk-to-me-without-a-hamburger look

My professor: Here's your midterm. Good work!
Me, not looking at it: Thanks. I was pretty depressed, so I didn't put in the effort I wish I had.
Prof: 🧐

Later, alone, I look at the exam, and I got 121 out of 120 possible points.

Why am I like this?

That post-photoshoot don't-talk-to-me-without-a-hamburger look

No matter how on-brand it is, I need to sleep instead of researching flights to Prudhoe Bay.

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