a couple of weeks ago... my last day as Ada in London! I miss it so much already?! 😭 a special thank you to my client who made the goodbye a little less painful!

it's an ice lolly shaped a certain special way 

y'all this London heat wave got me like :battery_low: πŸ‘…

I 🧑 champagne! I hope you're gonna enjoy your Friday, I know I will 😊😈

Ah, what a great day today was! β˜€οΈ I had a bit of time to do some summer shopping and to my surpsire... I have slimmed down a size! 🀩 Yes! Everything shrunk except my boobs... Sigh (complaining on a high level, I know I know)

this... this is the most evil thing you could do 😭 happy Easter, y'all! I will be staying away from social media for a while as I'm wrapping up school πŸ’ƒ

next time you'll hear from me, my website will be up! πŸ’₯

strolling around Harrods when found this

this is what Switter is


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